Bitcoin at lowest levels since August 2021...

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You couldn't buy bitcoin cheaper than this at any point in the last 5 months

One man's crash is another man's discount.

Are you a buyer yet?

The price hasn't been this low in over 5 months...



Will the price hold up here or is it destined for lower prices?

Just about everything out there feels like the price will keep drifting lower, which often happens near the bottom.

I will admit this doesn't feel like a bottom to me, but we will see...

Everything is extremely bearish right now.


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The situation is now extremely sad. In Russia, they want to ban cryptocurrency altogether. And as always, the FSB promotes this idea ..

I appreciate the graphs, helps to articulate better. Im new in the crypto scene, and things are crazy right now.

This does seem like a big dip. With a large asian country banning all crypto and outlawing mining, with another large country considering it as well, it is hard to see how crypto can bounce back, but it always seems to.

USA Fed/Senate meeting w jerome powell wasnt all bad, so they arent against crypto at this point. But US dollar has bad future outlook w/ inflation and growing debt.

Any one else want to chime in?


I am waiting... Market will go down

It's going down every single day.

it can go down even lesser till march with the whole whale attacks happening right now

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