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Assalamualaikum friends, how are you all? I hope by the grace of God everyone is well.I am also very good by the grace of God. Today I have appeared among you with a business activity. Where I reviewed a toy store. Now I will present my post among you. Let's get started.


business Introduction

Business is a medium where one can make a profit by investing money. Today I will inform you about a beautiful business. Today I went to a fair in my city.This fair is basically a chariot fair for Hindus.I have never been to this fair before. However, I visited this fair today and saw many shops which were very good. And I like every business very much.One of them is the toy business. I saw a lot of children's toys in a store.Which was very interesting. I reviewed them in a very nice way. Each toy was very glamorous. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. That's why I liked these toys more. I noticed there were a lot of products in this store. I made a guess that this store is a product of about one lakh rupees .And I know it's possible to make a lot of money in this business. Because these are made for kids. And children like interesting things. So it seems to me that such a toy business is better for making more profit.The store was full of children's toys.Inshallah, I will discuss in detail about several products among you. I have done some photography here which I will share with you.Stay with me.

The Business activity


In the picture you can see a part of the store.If you look at the picture, you will see that there are a lot of toys here. I was really surprised to see these toys. Because these were so awesome to look at. So I observed here for a long time. I really liked the toys.Anyway, I looked at the products in the store. I also talked to the shop staff for a while.Talking to them I realized that this business is quite profitable.


The store has about 100 types of toys. Each toy is quite interesting. These include cars, airplanes, microbuses, buses, dolls, pistols, and many more. Every toy car and pistol has got a completely real look. And that's why the toys looked so interesting.I captured pictures of many toys. I will present to you a series of descriptions along with the price list.


In the picture you can see a pink pistol. It's called a water pistol. The only reason this pistol is called a water pistol is because it is powered by water. That means this pistol is filled with water and then children play with it.The price list of this toy is mentioned below.

Water pistol120 BDT6.50 STEEM


In the picture I have a taxi in my hand. It is made in a very beautiful shape. It looks almost like reality. The wheels of this toy car were orange. Which seemed very interesting to me.At the same time, the seats in the toy car have been made just like in reality. The price list of this toy car is mentioned below.

Taxi car80 BDT4.33 STEEM


You can see an interesting toy in the picture.It looks exactly like a rabbit.This toy is made in the shape of a rabbit. It moves with the help of a spring.It can go through a beautiful and easy process. The price list of this toy is mentioned below.

Rabbits100 BDT5.42 STEEM


You can see in this picture that I have an airplane in my hand. The aircraft is designed to look like an army ship. It really looks very interesting to me. This toy bears a striking resemblance to reality This aircraft can go through a specific process. The price list of this toy is mentioned below.

Airplane200 BDT10.84 STEEM

Also I have reviewed many more toys in a very nice way. Which I really like. I think it's one of the best business.Because the buyer's influence in this store shows that it is a very profitable business.

Thank you so much for visiting my post. Stay well and stay healthy by the grace of Allah.

Store nametoy store
Visiting by@solaymann
Citygajipur Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Location codehere is what3word

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Nice to hear about those toy's.
Fair is like a joy of Bengali 🧬
Well explained about fair and also toys..
Have a good day ✨

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