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Congratulations to all friends, how are you doing, I hope you are all well and hopefully you are always in good health and always optimal today, and of course today, I will meet again with all of my friends in my post on the STEEM ENTREPRENEURS Community.

First of all, I would like to thank all of my friends, and also to the admin and moderators who I am very proud of here.
At this meeting, again I posted some of my activities today, and of course it would be very interesting to write a post that would actually heal my longing for all of my friends.


All right, my friends, here are my activities for today, Saturday 2 July 2022 edition.

Starting from the sound of the dawn call to prayer that echoed from various corners of the village and also the prayer room, indicating that the morning had arrived, and it was time for the dawn prayer to be carried out, so I got up early and performed the two rak'ahs of the dawn prayer as usual.

After performing the dawn prayer in the morning, I took the time to read the Koran for a moment so that my heart felt at ease before doing activities in the morning.

Furthermore, it can be seen from the gap in the window that the atmosphere outside the house is already bright, that this morning it is starting to be able to return to doing morning activities.
Immediately I got up from where I was praying and tried to get out of the house and noticed the boisterous hens who were busy looking for it in the morning, so I started to prepare my fodder so that the activities in the morning in feeding the chickens were completed.



After I fed my chicken, the atmosphere in the morning was starting to be able to return to activities, and before that I wanted to have breakfast so that my stomach wouldn't be hungry before doing my activities this morning, with all the preparations on the dinner table by my wife's cooking, I also ate as it was in this morning.

Then I left, actually I don't know what to do outside, but because I really have to go out for a while who knows there are activities and sustenance from people to tell me to do something immediately, but that hope is already in my mind, because it's impossible have to wait at home because sustenance does not come alone of course.
By riding a motorbike I left, and I happened to stop at a small shop, coincidentally at my usual place to hang out while drinking coffee with friends there.



This stall is one of ZULKIFLI's earung, he is a good coffee trader, but for today, he said his shop has had a price increase, such as fried noodles, Nescafe coffee, and there are also fried bananas, here are the details of the price

TypePrice IDRSteem Price
Fried banana10000.3 steem
Nescafe Coffee30001 Steem
Fried Noodles80002.5 Steem

That's for changes in the price of goods that I know, and maybe a lot for changes in other goods,
After almost an hour there, I haven't even asked anyone to work or anything else, because I don't think there is any sustenance even though it's almost 12 noon

By noon, when they got home, the children were already waiting, and it turned out that they asked to cut their hair. My children really like to cut their hair at their favorite place, of course, in the usual place that I often bring,
Because I also have no work, I take their food to the barbershop, and they are very happy,




The process of trimming the signs for my two children took almost an hour, because in this place there is only one barber, so it must be done immediately.
After doing the barbershop, my son asked him to buy ice cream, so I had to buy his favorite ice cream at the mini market, and there I saw the shop which had a lot of merchandise, so I had to buy it immediately. ice cream for my son, and bought a hair shampoo.

ItemPrice IDRSteem
Durian ice cream30001 Steem
Cucumber Ice Cream30001 Steem
Kodomo shampoo180006 Steem




That's it for today's activities, and hopefully it will be useful for today's post, and it's finished after we return home,

cc : @pennsif @harferri @tucsond @afrizalbinalka @f2i5 @subkiusman


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Thank you sir @ustazkarim for consistently contributing and sharing quality posts with us on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community - Steem On !

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Ustaz, Netolong edit Tag bak posting Tarian Aceh, Tag Charity neganto dgn #learnwithsteem beh. Trims


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Tag lesson tetap nepakek bak ke4 atau segalom steemexclusive.
Nyo jet netamah informasi bacut thek tentang info tambahan adat budaya Aceh tentang tarian, na jet lon usulkan bestpost.

juet, bang akan lon pugot,,makasih bang informasi jih,,maklum mantong belajar hehe

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