Monthly Report June. Country Representative (Venezuela)

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Greetings friends of Steemit.

Another period responsibly fulfilling the role of representative of my country Venezuela.,

During the month of June I have been able to maintain a good performance, providing a contribution to the challenge of communities as moderator, in addition to continuing to perform the following tasks.

  • Welcome new users and guide them in the operation of the platform.

  • Support in the verification and validation of the Newcomers community achievements.

  • Invite users to complete the achievements of the Newcomers community.

  • Support in the curatorship with the account @steemcurator03 to new members and those who manage to fulfill the Newcomers community achievements program.

  • Advise users on the correct development and use of tools and applications related to the Steemit platform.

  • Invite users to follow the main account @steemitblog.

  • Support in the curation with the account @hive-193637 of the #SteemVenezuela community.

  • Support users in clarifying doubts about some topics related to the operation of the Steemit platform through the conversation channel.

  • Support good quality publications.

  • Verify the existence of plagiarism of contents in the visited publications.

  • Recruit new users.

  • Orient and motivate users to join the #club5050.

  • Review accounts that incur in unwanted publications.

  • Follow-up of suspicious and farming accounts.

The following is my performance during the month of June, as representative of Venezuela in Steemit.

During this month I have been tasked with supporting new users with the account @steemcurator03, as well as verifying and supporting users who meet the requirements from the first to the sixth achievement. We have also been working on maintaining the welfare of the newcomer community by identifying accounts that create to abuse the new user support system..

Through the account @steemcurator03 I was able to support 3 users.

Summary of Supported Users:


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separador adeljose.png

Below I show the number of users that I have attended for the Newcomers community, during this time.

  • Welcome (W): 12
  • Achievements Attended(L1- L6): 10
  • Support for completion of achievements (S): 01
  • Plagiarism cases (P): 07
  • Farming Cases (F/C) / Suspicious Account (S/A): 01
  • Fake Account (F/A): 03
  • Abuse: 00

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I present the behavior and performance of the @adeljose account during the month of june., according to the tool Steemyy created justyy, i managed to support a total of 312 users..

Curation @adeljose


This data was extracted thanks to the #SteemWorld application created by steemchiller

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separador adeljose.png


In terms of growth, during the month of June I was able to maintain my upward trajectory of Steem Power, managing to ignite 935 Steem that I managed to obtain through 73 publications that I made in this period, 17 of them were participations in the communities challenge, thus demonstrating my commitment to continue within #club75.

01/05/22 to 01/07/22POWER UPWITHDRAWALContest Prize Payments%

separador adeljose.png

This has been all my action during the month of June as a user and representative of Venezuela. .

I hope to continue improving and providing more support to all those who are part of our Steemit platform.

I am grateful for the support and trust given to me by the team of @steemitblog and steemcurator01, as well as the support given to me by my colleagues tocho2, anasuleidy, edlili24, inspiracion, wilmer1988, albenis, graceleon, nahela. rypo01 and miyexi

I say goodbye until a new opportunity.


Exetente trabajo Amigo. Le felicito , cuidar de nuestra plataforma es necesario 🤗

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Saludos amiga @tarazona14

Muchas gracias por su apoyo. Lo hago con todo gusto.

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