Nigeria CR weekly report by @focusnow for the week which ended on 03/07/2022.

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Its already 7 days and I would like to make this report of my activities for the last 7 days. Working as a country representative gives me the opportunity to support Steemians from my country in various ways. That includes various mentorship programs, supporting through curation and recruitment too. So here is how I participated in some of the activities in the last 7 days.


1. Powering up to stay back in Club75 - 141 Steem

I tried very much to see that I remain in club75. This gives me the platform to encourage other to join the club too. So in the last 7 days, I have been able to power up 141 Steem and that made me stay back in club75. You can see how I did that below:



2. Making quality Posts

When i do classes on the importance of quality, always saying that quality is king, I need to show what a quality post looks like. So I made quite not a few quality posts in the last 7 days and many of the newbies were able to see an example of a quality post. Here is one below:

Local Business Review: Real Communications have new Goods now at 67 Hospital Rd Aba.


3. Mentorship/Meetup Activities

Without mentorship, it would really be hard for newbies to make progress and grow. So within last week, I participated in various mentorship activities and that helped some newbies to make progress. I mentored the two newbies recruited the week before. @coolenter10ment and @drillzfvr

The brothers learned how to use justify alignment and how to properly source any copied content. They were thought what plagiarism is and how to make sure their articles are 100% original. The class ended and the newbies went straight into work to practice what they have learned. @drillzfvr was able to make his very second post and that was really impressive.

After the class with @coolenter10ment and @drillzfvr


4. Recruitment of new users

I did promotion too. In fact, promotion, recruitment and mentorship go hand in hand. I was able to sign up a new users and assisted her to do her introduction post. She then joined the classes and was able to pick up some important lessons to help her to start publishing. Here username is @chizzyfixzy. She is busy as a student but would soon be back after her classes.

Achievement 1 @chizzyfixzy. This is my introduction post to Steemit. I am invited by @focusnow


5. Contests

The Steemit engagement challenge had ended. However, our community is known to publish contests every Monday and we have not changed that culture. So early this morning, I got the contest for this week ready and our members have already started working on the contest entries.

SteemAlive Presents: ReadNwrite - A 7 day writing Challenge. Contest Prize: 20 Steem (+booming, trail)



@steemitblog This is my report for this week that just ended. I will be working harder from next week to support users from Nigeria more. Thank you so much for the opportunity

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