Monthly Report as CR from Argentina @graceleon- June 01 to June 30

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I send you a cordial and fraternal greeting, my dear colleagues of the Steem Pod Team.

I present to you my management of the monthly June, 2022 as Representative in Argentina.

From June 01 to 30, I report the following tasks.

  • 64 posts in total: 44 with my personal account and 20 with the community account @hive-141434.

  • 64 Posts produced this month of June.
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Application For Country Representative From Argentina by @graceleon 🇦🇷

I am currently serving as a curator for the @ecosynthesizer account having been very kindly invited by witness @symbionts to be part of his project of curating the highest quality posts produced in steemit communities. Grateful for this opportunity to belong to this group of ecosystem curators. I am doing this work on a daily basis to as many publications as possible to support.

Voting CSI: 20.7 ( 0.00 % self, 146 upvotes, 105 accounts, last 7d )

Tools created @steemchiller

Effective Power @graceleon 5,982.94 SP ( 27,325.78 + 5,188.61 - 26,531.45 )

I present to you the distribution of the votes I contribute Monthly JUNE 01-30.

Link source steemyy @graceleon JUNE



This Monthly June 01 to 30 I have promoted contests on RECREATIVE STEEM.

With the RECREATIVE STEEM COMMUNITY that is @hive-141434 promoting the massive participation initiative in each of their contests.
We have had a great response from bloggers from all over the world and we are very happy.
In the RECREATIVE STEEM Community we are doing the Top 5 selection according to the content protocol of our community, following the established roadmap. We select the best of the best to receive the curation support with the account in Booming and daily we announce through a post the best posts according to the artistic content protocol.

Monthly Report of post nominated to the curation support with the booming account. June 01th-30th


Effective Power 111,834.26 SP ( 17,096.18 + 94,738.08 )
Tools created @steemchiller Account community RECREATIVE STEEM

Voting CSI 13.6 ( 0.00 % self, 409 upvotes, 117 accounts, last 7d )



RECREATIVE STEEM is a community of artists with a strong identity, with a high social commitment.
We have managed to grow with the delegations of 145 users from all over the world, we are open to support all artists who publish exclusive and high quality content in our community space.

I am encouraging the creation of tutorial content for new talented bloggers to join these areas.
I support other communities with my content creation, delegations and relevant comments.


CC.- @steemitblog @stemcurator01 @steemcurator02

With love for you, @graceleon

Country Representative Argentina

Discord: graceleon#2348
Twitter: @graceleon1987

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