Monthly Report as Country Representative Indonesia(June 2022)

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Greetings Steemit Team

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My activities as an Indonesian Country Representative in June 2022 support new and old entrants by providing guidance to always be active on the platform, I also work as a teacher at a secondary school, in between my busy schedule as a teacher, I take my time to work on the steemit platform .

I am still active in the newcomer community(MOD) as a greeter and curator, the Steem For Betterlife Community (ADMIN) and the Hot News Community(MOD).

Power Ups and Club Status

I do Power Up 1.020.433 STEEM consistently, Total SP to date is 15.196.045 STEEM, I'm also still joining #club100 and will continue to maintain

I still have a certain amount of STEEM/SBD in my wallet to trade on the internal steemit market with the aim of increasing steem for power ups.

Personal account curation

I work curation using personal account(@heriadi) every day by selecting some posts to upgrade with qualification club5050 club75 and club100.

I use the power of steem wisely to support community members, especially users from Indonesia, by not self-selecting


From the screenshot above, it can be seen Voting CSI 19.6 ( 0.01% self, 264 upvotes, 131 accounts, last 7d )

Greeter and Curator @steemcurator03

As a greeter and curator@steemcurator03 I have verified, curated and guided newcomers in completing achievement tasks in the Newcomers Community achievement program

Here's my weekly report as Greeter and Curator @steemcurator03

Curator at Steem For Better Life Community

As a curator of the Steem For Better life community, I operate the @steembetterlife account to curate posts from delegates with a percentage adjusted for the number of delegates in the curation account as a tribute to those who have supported the community and community members who join at least #club5050 every day.

To be able to concentrate on getting my work in steem, I have resigned from the Industious seven curator team in the fourth week and my duties as curator of sc06 were replaced by @fantvwiki
I have also reported my work as a team curator in June 2022 in the following weekly report on my activities as a Country Representative for Indonesia:

So many reports of my activities as a representative of the state for Indonesia in June 2022, thank you to @steemitblog @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who have given me the confidence to do this task

Warm regards

Country Representative Indonesia
My Introduction

 last month 

You give the report in great detail Sir, you have to guide us and the others so that it may be much better than you. I have had a lot of guidance from you, thank you for doing so and also with the time you gave.

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