CLUB75||Weekly/End Of June Report As Country Representative Report for Nigeria (week ending 17h June, 2022), Powered Up 1,213.120 Steem In June Alone || BY @NGOENYI

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The month of June has already come and gone. How time flies! I hereby present the report of my activities for the past 7 days and the highlight of my activities for the past one month.

Activities With Regard To My Personal Account

  • My June Powerup

For the month of June alone, I made a power up of 1213.120 steem to show my support for steemgrowth.


154.000 STEEM is the only steem I transferred out of my wallet.

With this activity, I was able to increase my steempower to what it is now which is 46,112.33 STEEM.

This month was the month I Achieved 9x dolphin 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬. I am glad to have been able to get to that height. This means that I am approaching Orca. It will be great if I can achieve that. I am already making efforts towards that by the powerups I am doing.

  • I have remained active throughout the month of June by consistently publishing contents. For the month of June alone, I published 45 posts. The past 7 days was 11 publications. Being active is part of the requirements of a country representative because this will encourage the users in my country to still remain active.
  • Supporting my fellow steemians with upvotes is one of the ways to encourage them. I have actively supported users with my personal account which also has the Delegation that I was given as a representative.

In the last 7 days for instance, I made 148 upvotes on 94 accounts


and this made my voting CSI to be 13.8.

My reputation rose to 75.8


  • Club Status

I am still in club75


  • I announced the results of the 2 contests that I hosted and hosted a new one. The post links are below

👉 Steemgrowth contest in steemkids community and the special African women contest in steemwomens club community.

Result For Week #5 Is Out ( 677.6 Steem Up), @ngoenyi Contest On Steemgrowth Week #6 Begins: Weekly Power Up Contest/7 Days Activity Review
Winners 🏆 🏆 🏆 👉Hurray!!!!, It's Time For Africa:: Special Contest 👉 Review Your Brand Of Soap, Powder, Toothpaste, Detergent And Cream// 25 Steem Prize

This has proved to be an effective way to keep users active.

  • I took part in promoting steem and guiding newbies who visited my steemit office. I also signed up a user. The post link below has the full details of my activities



My Admin And Mod Roles

  • As an admin and founder of steemkids community, I have continued to support members with the community account.


105 upvotes in 61 accounts was made in the last 7 days. And the voting CSI is 8.4.

I made the updates in the community to keep the community moving forward. The updates are pinned in the community for further guidance.

Following the update from the steemitblog here, I have made an application for booming support on behalf of steemkids community here and I proceeded to give a report of all the users that received booming support for the month of June.

I will keep giving the report weekly in obedience to the update.

  • As a co-admin in Steem4Nigeria community, I am taking my part in reviewing publications to assist the MODs. So far, 48 entries has been received in this last week of engagement challenge and more will still make entries. It's been been a busy week for us.

Team 7up

It is quite unfortunate that team 7up didn't make it for July curation. However, it is good that new team is given the opportunity. It's been a wonderful period helping out to curate with steemcurator07 along with my teammates. Our last week activities report was made by @kiwiscanfly here to mark the end of the June curation.

We wait the big changes that will occur as announced by SC01. As a team, we are willing and ready to follow through with then changes as we are ever ready to support steemgrowth.

It's been a wonderful moment with my wonderful teammates, @patjewell @kiwiscanfly @disconnect @nahela @klen.civil and @harferri.



As a greeter in newcommers community, I am saddled with the responsibilities to check achievement posts, verify them if they qualify and curate them with steemcurator03 if they merit it. I also advice those who didn't qualify for verification and curation on what the problem is so that they can make the needed corrections. This past week, I Carried out my greeter's work and I have already made the report. Below is the post link to my report


Weekly (ending 01-07-2022) curation with SC03 and greeter's report in newcomers achievement program by @ngoenyi



Curation (Total) with SC0313
Greeter's Task14


Plan for the Next Week/Conclusion

It was a wonderful week and month and I am glad to have done my part.this July, will be activity parked. As things unfold, I will let them out of the bag.

I will continue with my greeter's work, my admin and mod activities in my communities and then with my curation with the 7up curation team with steemcurator07, let's see how it goes. My greatest plan is to keep building my steempower to reach one Orca which is 50k sp.

Note: the screenshots of my account stat and that of steemkids community account stat were taken from our steemworld pages.

Cc: @steemcurator01

From @ngoenyi,
CR for Nigeria


This is my introductory post here


 last month 

It was a great three months! We worked hard therefore the rest will be enjoyed.
A great report showing exactly how dedicated you are to the platform. Kerp it up!

 last month 

You are the best dear sister. I am glad to have been in the same team with you. I pray for many more duties together. Thanks for your nice comment

Detailed report, you did a good job while being a Country Reps Nigerian. Hope you can continue in the next period.. Good luck dear @ngoenyi

 last month 

Thanks a lot dear teammate. You are an example to me. I will keep doing my best and hope that I will continue

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