Report of activities as representative of Venezuela from June 20 to 27, 2022. | by @rypo01 CR Venezuela. #burnsteem25

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A strong and warm embrace to all of you, today I want to show you the summary of my activities from June 20 to 27, 2022.


Activities in the community Steem Venezuela :

TOP Psychology.

A very interesting Top that allows users to express themselves freely and expand their knowledge in the field of psychology.

Held every Friday, with 1 round respectively. Very well attended and with super interesting topics.

Top 5 Steem Venezuela ✅ VIERNES 24-06-2022 de #sv-psicologia

Verification to new Steem Venezuela users in this publication... Verificación de Los Miembros de la comunidad oficial "Steem Venezuela" #14

Finally, I show you my votes with personal account:

A total of 184 votes distributed among 103 authors, It is important to let you know that I participate along with my fellow CRs from Venezuela in the path of healing for the benefit of Venezuelan users of @sv-beca.



Image Sources:

Free to use resource from Pixabay edited with PowerPoint by @rypo01 .

We continue to work with dedication and love...

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