Achievement 1 @chizzyfixzy. This is my introduction post to Steemit. I am invited by @focusnow

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I am Kadurumba Anne Chizurumoke aka @chizzyfixzy.
I was born in the year 23/ 02/2005
To the family of Mr and Mrs Joachim E Anyanwu
aka@kaduru61. I am the first born of my parents. I love to be the first born because they gain respect and the are well recognized in everything done in the family.


I had my nursery school education at Lizzy school Aba.
And I passed my nursery three and continued my primary school education at paragon international academy at World bank housing estate Abayi Aba,
and I passed my exams and common entrance And I was admitted into the secondary school at merian international secondary school Aba from my jss1_jss3 and completed it at community secondary school isingwu Umuahia North L.G.A and i made my papers and came out in flying colours.
I now had to go for computer training for 6 months and I gained my catificate.
I am now schooling at Abia poly university my second year now.


I want to be a Public Administrator and an actress


I love travelling, running, dancing, gaming, watching films , cooking, reading.

How I got to know steemit

I knew steemit by my father com.J.E ANYANWU he was the one that introduced me to steemit. We came to the office and met Mr. Charles @focusnow helped me understand how the platform works and helped also assited with creating my page. He explained how to make this introduction post and I was able to do so.

Why I joined Steemit

I came here to learn and to meet new people. I hope to learn about different places and cultures. I also hope to share my little knowledge with the friends here. More important, I hope to earn from my writings.

Thank you all for reading my introduction post.


Welcome to Steemit @chizzyfixzy. I am delighted you have joined us. You made effort in this introduction post. Steemit is full of opportunities and you would be delighted to meet new friends too. You need to be consistent, engage with other authors and produce quality publications. This way, you will succeed. Welcome once again.

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Hi, @chizzyfixzy,

Your post has been supported by @juichi from the Steem Greeter Team.

Welcome to Steemit! Explore and engage in Communities. Enjoy learning and strolling on posts and you'll soon understand more about this platform. We challenge you to complete all the Achievement tasks to equip yourself with things you need while staying on this platform. Follow the standard protocol of Steemit which is to create 300 words or more in all your posts.

You have been verified for this task and you may now advance to Achievement 2: Basic Security on Steem at your convenience. Please refer to the guide on the Newcomers Achievement Program on the Notice Board pinned post.

Curators rate: R2


Use this upvote as your initial capital to join the #club5050 program which means to power up more than half of your cashout. Know that the Steem Greeter’s Team is very strict about this matter. We will check your wallet if you really followed the rule.

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Welcome to the steemit platform. Hope you are doing well on steemit. Best wishes to you

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Congratulations !!!

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I'm @allahnawaz03 and on behalf of the entire steemit team I want to welcome you to steemit, a digital universe that allows you to share everything that you are passionate about and be part of a world of possibilities.

I want to invite you to join Newcomers'Community, a place where new users can officially introduce themselves and thereby meet achievement 1 and further the Lists of Achievement Tasks. Anyone is not Verified on time, you need to have patience or tag any country rep. to verify you.

It's also very important for you to join #club5050. To join the club you need to power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings. You can also join #club75 where you will power up 75% of your earnings for 2 months or #club100 where you are to power up all your earnings for 3 months.

I recommend you follow the @steemitblog account, which is the official channel of steemit, here you will find all the current information regarding the platform, contests, events, updates and others that will surely help you a lot.

I advise you that your publications have less than 300 words that allow the reader to understand the content you want to share

I don't want to say goodbye without first inviting you to the form part of the largest movement in steemit such as The DiaryGame #thediarygame.
Join the Steemit-Garden Community. I am here as MOD for you.

On behalf of the steemit team, I say goodbye wishing that all this information could be of help to you.



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Welcome to the Steemit platform. Your post has been very nice. Post regularly.This is one of the platforms that you will soon understand. Continue to post and enjoy.

Many good wishes and best wishes for you.

Best regards 💝


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