Achievement 3 || Content Etiquette

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Salam to all my steemit family. Hope you all are feeling well in your respectd life. Today I will be doing my achievement 3 task which is about content etiquette.



What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying another's work or get someone's original ideas. without his/her permission. basically, it is an act of stealing the taught, idea, articles, or pictures. in other words we can say that to use another production without creating a source.

Direct Plagiarism:

Direct plagiarism is the most common type of plagiarism as it is also known as word-to-word plagiarism because it involves someone else works without changing anything. This type of plagiarism is all about copying the entire work of another person.

Self Plagiarism:

This type of Plagiarism in which you reuse your own work from past and claiming as your new work is called self-plagiarism.

Mosaic Plagiarism:

It is the type of plagiarism where somebody copies others' work and replaces their sentences or sections with paraphrased work so that it looks unique.

Accidental Plagiarism:

This type of plagiarism in which someone forgets to include a proper citation or mistakenly included copied text in a paper.

How to avoid plagiarism:
not copy any of the articles from the internet.
use your own words.
Use a plagiarism checker.



" I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit community and will do my best to embrace them."

 2 months ago 

@event-horizon please verified my achievement 2 and 3.

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