achievement1 Introduction Post To Steemit From @onyesteem

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Hello to all steemit friends good evening from my side and happy Sunday to you all my fellow steemit members how was today church service went I hope it was cool as well.
I am onyenaturuchi as my village people called me but by my steemit name I am @onyesteem, i am from Ikwuano LGA umuahia city in Abia State Nigeria.
I am from a family of 7 people in number I am the 2nd born of the house and I am also the 2nd son from my lovely mother.


I finished my secondary school last 2 years back I passed out from Ikwuano secondary School ariam in Abia State Nigeria.



I like to hanging out with friends and also I love playing football, when it comes in team's of playing football I don't juck with it I also love reading with friends when ever I was less busy.



I was told about steemit by my city big brother@ successjoh and I give him a promise and also give you all promise that I will do my best in contributing to the growth of steemit I will also try my best to invite many of my friends to steemit in my area.

thanks for having me here and thanks for your reading true my introduction post I hope am welcome friends to join you all.

 last month 

Hi, @onyesteem,

Your post has been supported by @ngoenyi from the Steem Greeter Team.

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 last month 

Congratulations for making it to steemit @onyesteem. There are different communities you can join to make great fortune in this platform, Steem with joy my dear bye.

 last month 

Thanks big brother


Welcome to steemit dear @onyesteem.

Please you need to add the date you made this post on the paper you are holding.

Add #achievement1 #introduceyourself to the hashtags section

 last month 

Good morning I have done as you said thanks for your great information

 last month 

Okay ma he will do so by tomorrow he is upcoming


Congratulations !!!

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Welcome to steemit platform 😍🥰 Thank you so much for joining the steemit platform. Content running on the steemit platform includes, #thediarygame #mytown10pics #contest.

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 last month 

Thanks, I will

Hello 😊, welcome to Steemit 🎉...!!!

Hopefully it can bring more inspiration for our better life.

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Okay I will, thanks

Hello @onyesteem,

You are making copies of other publications within the platform, this is plagiarism.

I urge you not to continue doing this practice.

 23 days ago 

I don't understand it well

You have copied posts from others and published them.

 18 days ago 

@inspiracian am sorry for all the wrong post I have do I don't have Chance seance they verify me in the platform to see my mentor @succesjoh please @inspiracian am sorry for all the wrong post I have do I promise it will not happen again, now I have meet my mentor @succesjoh to understand how the platform work please @inspiracian I want you to help me remove the pragiarism in my new commers community

Hi @onyesteem

I have removed the plagiarist label.
Now you must commit to writing posts in your own words, without copying.
Your mentors can guide you, follow their guidance.

 18 days ago 

Thank you

 20 days ago 

Good morning please I have come to understand what you you said, I have not been chance see my mentor been @successjoh who helped me to sign in, I am sorry for all the wrong post I have done, @successjoh will teach me more about how to post in the platform

@onyesteem, it is wrong post exactly what other people have posted. I think you need help to understand how steemit works. Can you reach out to @successjoh that introduced you to assist you or you give me your WhatsApp number so that I can contact you and assist you? What you need to do now is to continue with your achievement 2. Let me know so I can assist you

 23 days ago 

Okay ma here is my WhatsApp number 08024890491

 20 days ago 

Greeting I have went to my mentor house been @successjoh yesterday for him to teach me on how to post because I have not been changed this days to see him

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