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RE: Hello, I am Ida.

Hi Ida! What a beautiful place you live in! I have heard of your town because I do have a Norwegian friend here in Maine who is also from the north in Norway.

Welcome! It is so nice to have you with us here. Please let me know if you have any questions by posting them here, and I will help if I can. Good luck!


Thank you very much, and thank you for your helpfulness!

You are very welcome. Say, out of curiosity...has all your snow melted yet? Do you have any kind of growing season, or is summer too short for crops?

The snow has melted mostly everywhere except up in the mountains. The summer has not fully began (it is more late spring now), so it is still a bit early for crops.

There is still a little snow on our highest peak here in Maine (Mount Katahdin, 5280 feet) but the snow has been gone everywhere else now for three weeks. Soon our farmers will plant. They are already plowing. What do your farmers grow there?

The farmers is starting to plant potatoes and carrots here now when weather is beginning to get a bit warmer. :)

Thank you, Ida. Tubers...just like we must grow here in our sandy, rocky soil. It sounds a lot like northern Maine where you are. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Good luck!

Thank you, good luck to you too!

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