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RE: Hello, I am Ida.

Welcome to Steemit Ida! Jeg heter Anniza or jeg studerer Norsk. I'm very interested in the clothing store you mentioned, maybe you can share more about it? Steemit is indeed exciting, you get to meet new people and see other people's experiences and their daily lives. Joining contests is also fun and very rewarding.

My best friend is half Norwegian and lives in Fredrikstad, thus why I'm trying to finally learn Norwegian. I've also been trying to find Norwegian friends but they are quite rare in my side of the world. I hope you can be one of them :D

Enjoy Steemit! Lykke til!


Hello Anniza! I love to meet new people and would like to be your friend. :D How fun that you are learning Norwegian, if there is anything I can help you with I am more than happy to help! Have you been in Norway before?
Your posts is very interesting and I am looking forward to follow you here, and to read more about you and the country you are living in.

That''s soooo great! I'll make sure I'll ask questions when I need help. And no I haven't been to Norway yet, sadly, it's always been my best friend coming here from Norway each year. I'm so glad you found them interesting! I write a lot of poetry and there are much much more that I need to write about. I look forward to your posts as well! :D

How fun that you are having such a good contact with each other, and that he is visiting you every year. :D

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