5 Quotes From Xunzi

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Here are 5 quotes from Xunzi to inspire and motivate you.

Xunzi 1.jpg

1 . “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Xunzi

Xunzi 2.jpg

2 . “The person attempting to travel two roads at once will get nowhere.” - Xunzi

Xunzi 3.jpg

3 . “If there is no dull and determined effort, there will be no brilliant achievement.” - Xunzi

Xunzi 4.jpg

4 . “Not having heard something is not as good as having heard it; having heard it is not as good as having seen it; having seen it is not as good as knowing it; knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice.” - Xunzi

Xunzi 5.jpg

5 . “Pride and excess bring disaster for man.” - Xunzi

*Images are from Pixabay.

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