# 1481 - Canadian Wildlife - Part 44

Today we will continue the series called "Canadian Wildlife".

The Royal Canadian Mint is known by its high quality work and the enormous number of commemorative coins issued each year. Among these commemoratives we find many, individual or in series, under the theme "wildlife".

Canada, with its vast lands and seas, is the home of a varied fauna and that will be showed in this series.

I will try to post land animals, sea animals and birds, in that order.

The fourty fourth is a gold 2013 CAD $5 "Polar Bear".

The gold "O Canada" set focuses on iconic Canadian animals to celebrate Canadian pride. A total of nine animals were minted in 2013-2014.

Each coin weights 3.13g with gold purity of 99.99% and Proof finish. This mintage was 3,634 units. The issue price was CAD $279.95.

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is the largest terrestrial carnivore on earth. Scientists place it in the marine mammal group because it lives primarily on the frozen sea ice and feeds almost exclusively on the seals that swim below it. While ringed seals are its favorite, the polar bear will also eat other seal species, belugas or narwhals.

The polar bear displays skills that are remarkably human-like when it hunts. These traits have inspired countless legends among the Arctic’s First Nations people; hunting a polar bear is an undertaking that demands an honest tribute of honor and respect.

Designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc and engraved by E. Boyer, the reverse features the head of a polar bear.



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