Steem comes in, steem goes out....

in #steem5 months ago


As part of the continuing effort to keep the @ssg-community account a float, and be able to give the #steemsilvergold community members the best possible upvote, ill be making an effort to bring you more regular posts and uodates.


So what have i got for you today??

Well..... as the title suggests, its time to pay the piper(s). Using #dlease to keep track of all our community leases, it reminds me that its time to renew some existing leases:


So if you have noticed a sudden drop in the accounts liquid steem funds, its simply because ive had to pay our lease renewal.

Unfortunately, thats not the worst of it, as a few more leases are due to end in the next few days too. So expect are funds to become even more depleted.


So that's it. Steem comes in - steem goes out!! Its the way it is im afraid untill we can build ournown steempower up high enough to never need to lease again.

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