True Confessions From My Personal "Archives of Yesteryear" (The Misjudgement)

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During my mid to late teens, I developed something of a passion for horror movies. Though I myself would most likely faint at the sight of real blood, on-screen violence was never an issue for me. I saw it as fake and obviously so. You were blantantly watching a movie with a production set behind the camera, actors getting paid handsomely to entertain us and oodles of (mostly laughable) special effects. I'd like to think I could discern what was "real" and not, as it were. I didn't, however, consider that to be the same case for others... Especially children.


As a teen, nothing was quite like acquiring something that I could show off to my friends. Some random clip of television gold recorded off of the television via my trusty VCR or most likely, the newest multiplayer video games to while away hours of fun and entertainment on. But somehow, my love of horror movies crossed over into the same territory. I'd see some fake synthetic head break open and instantly have the troublesome urge to inform my friends of it. Twisted, maybe. But such was the machinations of our minds back then.

Anyways, a good friend at the time, Raj, came over for his regular weekend social visit. Usually on his own, but today accompanied by his younger brother of ten. Before they even had a chance to relax into my living room couch, the video cassette was already primed at the ready and stuck on pause.

"Man, I've got something to show you that'll blow your mind!" I started. "I rented this movie called "Demons" yesterday evening. You gotta see some of the shit in this film. It's nuts! I must have watched it three times already!"

Two sets of eyes glanced over me. Guess the excitement was infectious, I thought to myself.

"Really?" Raj replied, growing more curious by the second. His brother just sat there blank faced but simultaneously observant of us the whole time. He continued in the context of referring to my dubious track record. "OK, well. It's not too bad, right? I mean..." And with that, he rolled his eyes in the direction of his kid brother.

"Man, are you serious?" I barked aloud smiling whilst shaking my head in disregard. "It's just a movie. Chill out."

I liked to set the tone, you see. So, first I switched the television on and a shaky, flickering image popped up. You couldn't really see what was happening given the severely limited capabilities of the "pause" function back then. I went to sit beside them both, gleeful in my anticipation as to what I was about to unveil.

"OK. Check this shit out." I mumbled, pressing play on the remote control.

Within a couple of seconds, a woman was shown on screen with a huge boil bursting from the side of her face. The next moment, she shrieked as yet more pus and blood ran down her cheek, dripping down onto the floor below. Oh, let me tell you. It was exhilarating. Getting to show my friends a video nasty that only true "adults" could get their hands on. But here and now, in all it's 18-rated glory, was me giving them a sneak peek into the realms of a grown-up's covert lifestyle. I nodded my head in approval, to myself that is. Upon turning to see their reactions, it was somewhat... mixed, to say the least. Whilst Raj appeared quite unimpressed by the spectacle unfolding in front of him, his brother seemed to be getting... Agitated. His once blank expression now gradually metamorphosed into a look of petrified angst and terror. His eyes opened wide with fright as tears could clearly be seen welling up above his lower lids.

I screwed up my face with puzzlement. "Yo man, what's up with your brother." Raj turned around and saw his shell-shocked sibling in turmoil. In an instant, he launched himself at his brother, covering his red-veined beady round eyes. Meanwhile, sounds of blood-curdling screams emanated from the bulky TV set in the background. "Put it off! Now!" He yelled, as just pushed by pure bewildered instinct, I did as I was told. Turning back, I watched as Raj caressed his brother's head whilst looking daggers at me. "What, man? It's only a film!" I mumbled, a little shaken by these unexpected turn of events. "My brother has never seen stuff like that before." He growled back. "He's gonna tell mum and I'm dead meat! What's your problem, man?"

A moment of worldly clarity came over me as I connected the dots as to how this may be perceived as "wrongful content" to be showing to a young and impressionable kid. Granted, it was never my intention to exhibit this horrific masterpiece before his innocent eyes, but that was a little too late of a quandary to ponder over right now. I should have know better and felt like crap as his younger brother progressed into a full-on hysterical bawl. Oh yes, I had some serious explaining to do...


Hope you enjoyed this story, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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