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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 22/6/2022.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 5 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 22/6/2022.

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Month of June and way too quickly we have reached the half way mark to yet another year. We missed the price update the other day because I was invited out to another one of those parties where often those attending have very good money behind them. For example on one occasion there was even a prince there who was very wealthy. I have explained before that I only enjoyed myself once at these parties which was on my first visit, the few other times I went I really didn't enjoy it much as it was just people trying to figure out who's making the most money and then only opening up to those with the most, it's rather sad these people have barely anything out of their job "title" that is remotely interesting. Still my friend wanted my company there I made my excuses the previous times lol. Still as I'm there I take it as a opportunity to talk about Steem with who I can, this because I believe that even if just one of these people put in a serious investment into Steem it would make the price go up. There was a theme to this particular party, the hosts wanted all guests to turn up in their best coachella outfits and so as you can imagine it was quiet a interesting night. Actually I'm going to come out and admit it "I enjoyed it this time!" infact I didn't really want to leave when my friend told me it was soon time, but I learnt later the hosts were hinting at people that it was time to go home and so I respect that. What made it better this time round was that there was simply less people attending and so making it easier to hear others and actually get the chance to speak with them, they also provided much better food and drinks, interactions also went a little better which is probably due to less distraction from others. But while I have talked positively about it this time there is still alot of room for improvement when compared to other nights out and events that I have attended. I would still put this one down in the low spectrum which again is mostly down to the arrogance of people and their continued quest to figure out how much money you have behind you.

On one occasion when I was trying to add another 50 Steem something was playing up with Steemit.com I couldn't do much of anything, I'm not sure what was the cause to this problem. Regardless after the fix I was hoping this would sort out some of the issues with acquiring Steem. A few examples are the wallets working like in the Bittrex case, the trades that are shut down on crypto swapping websites and the liquidity pools that are down. I mean seriously I keep seeing Hive working perfectly fine on all these fronts with Steem on the other hand always being taken off and on, why is this?❓ We need to know what we can do or how to fix this as I feel this is making Steem lose out on buyers. It's frustrating as it also adds more money loss on gas fees when purchasing Steem due to needing to do more trades. I noticed on June 3rd the swaps for Steem were working but since then it stopped on June 13th, to make matters worse I noticed it stopped trading Steem for Bitcoin and even TRX on the 16th, on June 21th you can once again trade your Bitcoins for Steem but still not the other way round, lets hope something gets done about these trades especially as they are the options normally always functioning. When trying to get my hands on 600 Steem it took days for it to arrive I even had to contact support who said they would send it over when the problem with Steem's liquidity provider is fixed which I think is something to do with Steem itself and not the exchange?❓ If anybody can confirm and explain this in the comments you could win a upvote from me. I think it would be useful if the Steemit Team could warn us of such events as this can cause confusion and money loss for both investors and the value of the Steem coin itself. I know for many it's also been upsetting to see the Steem price fall down, not only that but the mayhem that continues in the streets of the Ukraine with this on going war. It still goes on even after 100 + days of blood, it's a sad moment in our history as Vladimir's army doesn't stall, they instead strike fear, call treats and cast sadness into the lives of many with this war.. a war that if we are not too careful could just be what spells the beginning of the end. But still it looks like the governments original plan to "Build Back Better" sure is going swell for them it will be interesting to see how these new blocks are built.

As for crypto we can see that Steem took a big fall this is mostly because of the bitcoins downwave from 60k. Sadly this means it also took down with it the value of SBD's which was expected, but honestly I'm still surprised by how long it maintained such a high price. We had however a unexpected rise on June 5th taking SBD's to $5 and above, this obviously wouldn't hold and as now mostly fallen under that important $3 mark but occasionally it does make it back. Seeing all that cheap Steem out there for grabs as been catching my attention, it just sucks that many of the buying methods are often down, but I will continue to look at it as another situation for opportunity because I'd say if your looking to get more Steem this might just be the best time we have had in a while to buy cheaper. It will be interesting to see what happens next with BTC as it even fell below the 20k mark. The weather in June is much more stabilised compared to the previous month, and while it's staying mostly warm we still get the odd shower at night. On the 2nd it turned very hot and unfortunately triggered the beginning of my hayfever, it's actually been abit on and off but I guess it could still get a lot worse in the next 2 months. As for today I was in work for the afternoon shift for the time I got in I expected I would be doing everything on my own like I did on Monday and while that was the case I was lucky that one of the guys was free for a while to help me with the initial work load. This was incredibly helpful not only that but what had to get done was just under half of what had to get done yesterday so it was much more doable. What I also didnt expect was that the guy was going to carry on helping me for the next 3 hours, this actually made me realise this was going to be very easy to get completed with probably plenty of time left. So from there I relaxed more and took things easier, but even doing this we got it all done too fast, actually no I'm happy with how it turned out and I was right about having plenty of time there was still another 2 hours + left. I needed this as yesterday I expected to miss doing all the various jobs from the previous day and while there was less jobs to be done there was definitely a lot more work to get through, infact I have not seen this much work to do in a while. It was actually horrendous as they still wanted everything done by the end of my shift something that seemed impossible and while I feel I tried hard I just knew it wasn't going to get completed. I guess if I'm honest it was probably possible but I would of got in done if I had another hour to work with but I also feel if I pushed myself anymore on the day I would of really been hurting my own health and I just don't feel it's worth it contrarily to what some in there would say. I feel the superiors did give a little dig about at the end of the day but before they start putting others down they should really try doing it themselves as I know one of them especially wouldn't be able to do even %10 of what of what I got done.

Think I still needed a break from that day as when I walked in one of the guys was going home and he wished me luck. At the time I didn't think anything of it and started to do my usual work, as I was distracted doing some writing suddenly one of the staff pointed out that it was pointless her helping. She appeared out of nowhere and scared me she explained that because there was not much to do she was probably going to leave. Confused as I didn't ask for any help at that moment and that's when she told me that I was assigned for doing other jobs for most of the day. I discovered that the idiots in charge let 4 staff who do that part of the work all off on holiday! This was a complete joke because normally they don't allow for people in very similar roles to all go off on holiday at the same time. But somehow this time they did.... so I literally had to do almost everything not just the usual stuff but all their work and also some other jobs because apparently some big boss man is visiting at the end of the week. What made it even worse was that the paperwork had recently been changed and nobody had gone through it with me, so I had to wing-it for most of the day but luckily it was done correctly as I got one of the superiors later to explain it to me. In the end she asked me if I was doing all this again tomorrow to which I thought I bloody hope not!

When I left work on the day and closer to home I started to notice the traffic was incredibly bad, this was odd for the day and time, further up I noticed a few police officers had blocked the road with their car. The police were trying to divert traffic accordantly but many people really were not having it. Many even almost running over the officer, he even screamed at a guy to please go down this road because he had 2 dead bodies on the road. Yikes but so many people were still ignoring him which I know police can be a pain but come on people when there as been a serious accident and he's trying to get you home and not pass or run over the dead please listen to the guy. It took me a while to get past these insane roads and passed some other police cars blocking the road further up which prevented the idiots who ignored the first warning from reaching the dead bodies, still I think these police were under staffed they could of done with a few more vehicles as road blocks. I must admit I was curious to what was actually going on, normally I don't bother but I don't think I had ever seen the road this bad so I when past my home and continued to a high spot to see if I could see what was causing all this chaos. From what I could see there was a single red car crashed into a wall and there was indeed at least one body bag on the floor from what I could see. While a few people where up there filming and sharing everything I quickly left once I had some understanding of the issue. I did hear of some "current" good news, I say current as this can easily change, but it's been said our competition who wants to buy us out of here is currently taking a hit on their profits. They firstly admitted that they are reconsidering the risk of buying us out, this is because secondly they just aren't making the money to be able to run their business once buying us off. While I find a few holes in this information it still offers the possibility that we can continue to run business for a little longer, but I wont hold my hopes up too high.

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