A boring post - all as it should be


With the end of the month fast approaching and steem:sbd ratioa a little out of sort, since the big pump steem price, ill be working out next months liquid donations tomorrow.

Sorry for the short post, but theres not much else to cover. Steempower continues to climb, autovoter has been somewhat predictable this past month(ie working as it should) and the amazi g members of #steemsilvergold continue to aducate and entertain the readers here on #steemit.


I tend to entertain myself...lol...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend!! Where did the Month go Lol!!😀

New month new rates, and more great community

Hi, @ssg-community

Please support our team (@alexmove.witness and @steemit-market). We ask you to vote for us as witnesses. We are developing automatic checks for the uniqueness of posts, user ratings and other scripts and activities. We are also preparing a big project - the online shop (sale for STEEM/SBD).

Every day we send double cashback to those who voted for us. Your vote is very important to us!

Good luck!
Best regards, @alexmove.witness

P.S. And also some posts get upvotes from alexmove.witness and alexmove!

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