El Salvador bought the dip yesterday, did you?

in #bitcoin2 months ago

El Salvador bought another 100 BTC on the dip at $54k yesterday

The president of El Salvador put out a tweet yesterday saying that El Salvador had bought the dip.

Specifically, they bought 100 more bitcoin at a price of around $54k per coin.

This brings their total bitcoin holdings to 1220 bitcoin, which is roughly $67 million at current prices.

El Salvador continues to put their money where their mouth is.

Historically they have timed dips incredibly well, though it's much easier to time dips in a bull market and be a hero.

Many out there are saying this time is different, I'm not one of those people however.

El Presidente continues to be the biggest Chad in all of politics.


(Source: https://twitter.com/mcshane_writes/status/1464312414246260747)


El Salvador was very smart there. Hope they will continue to heavily invest into Bitcoin!


Strategic move El Salvador.

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