The Lows may not be in yet for the entire move, but I expect a bounce very shortly

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Bitcoin is likely in a bear market now, but bitcoin still bounces even in the bear

The Fear Pattern looks all but completed on bitcoin.

It's very similar to what saw several other times when bitcoin sold off hard from it's recent highs.

Check it out:



I fully expect a bounce very soon, though I am not sure that bounce will hold.

The macro environment has changed from the FED being our friend to the FED being our foe.

No one thought the FED would pivot this quickly from dovish to hawkish, and the market has fully priced that transition in.

Now the good news is that if the FED pulls back at all on there extreme hawkish stance, it leaves room for bounces in risk assets.


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it's a good time to buy bitcoins!

It's time to shop to save

The current support is very strong and if market crash then the next major support at 29k..
But at most of time marke bounce at current support

Thanks for good article. It is very usefull for want to understand BTC's moving.

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