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RE: Visiting an old quartz mine.

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That must have been an interesting experience - abandoned places are always cool to visit, and such a mine even more. Interesting, that the clothes and shoes and such are still there - just as they had to leave from one minute to the other.

Very good post with lots of information and cool photos, thank you Harald - @harkar 😊

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Someone told me they stopped the mine fast, and left without take something from there. No road and difficult to clean up. Inventory and tools disappeared slowly, taken, visitors...(terrible english:)

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I have seen a video on Youtube a while ago where also a mine has been left from one day to another. They also have left everything there.

I would have spent hours there - so much to see, and I would have tried to see everything, and to photograph everything, of course 😉

Thanks a lot for the reply, Harald, have a great weekend 🙂

To give a !DERANGED and a !BEER is an easy and simple way for me to say thank you for being nice, and giving an additional !MARLIANS or !COFFEEA means I thank you even more 😉

It was very interesting, I wonder how long it will take to everything is collapsed. Have a great weekend too😊

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I think your great grandkids will still find something there that's still OK 😉

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