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@trang and I have recently discovered a new long-distance running route in Philadelphia. The route winds through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Heinz is considered "America's First Urban Refuge" and has beautiful nature and a fantastic selection of birds and fish.

But before, I tell you give your more info about the route, let me make my first @cleanplanet post on Steem. I ran in the Refuge the previous weekend and noticed several large bags of trash. I believe volunteers had collected the litter, but due to a misunderstanding it was never collected. Therefore, when I saw the same full trash bags a week later, I decided to carry them out myself:

The trash bags were located at GPS coordinates 39°52'19.4"N 75°18'28.8"W, which sits on a peninsula (man-made petroleum pipeline). You can see the peninsula and trail in the following photo:


I've highlighted the trail and parking lot, which did not exist on the map during our run. I added them after to OpenStreetMap. In addition, I added a couple other trail segments that were missing from OSM in the Refuge.

The full track for our run is available here:

ViewRanger Track

Notice the close proximity to the highway and PHL airport. It is amazing how vibrant the wildlife is and how extreme the juxtaposition of nature to manmade. There is even a side trail that let's you run under the highway I-95:


In my opinion, this is one of Philly's best long distance running routes. Definitely worth checking out if you're training for a marathon or half. Look at @trang killing it:


Until next time!


Awesome eco-citizen action, I am so happy to see you guys joining @cleanplanet :) Cool gif of @trang on the route too :)

Haha yes. I pick up a lot of litter, so @cleanplanet seems like a cool way to keep a record of it, while getting a small bonus.

I know ;) I have been picking trash for years too, long before @cleanplanet was born ;) When promoting their project, I always say it is a win-win-win. You do something for our planet, you do something for yourself as it is a kind of outdoor work-out and you get some little crypto reward in the end. I just love it and I wish this thing went viral one day :)

Thank you root for once again finding an incredible route for us to run on! We'll have to go back to see that fish again!

Here is the strava link.

I forgot to mention that the route includes a highway crossing of PA-20. It's a bit frightening, but possible to get an open shot with some patience. Cross at your own risk!

It is a very good eco-citizen action to collect the bags found last week. With this good deed you just won 100 clean tokens Congratulations TOKEN CLEANs are sent to steem-engine.com Continue to do good eco-citizen waste collection actions in nature
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

nice :-) cleanplanet
Daumen hoch !!

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