White House Tech Advisor Tim Wu Keeps at Least $1 Million in Bitcoin

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White House Tech Advisor Tim Wu Keeps at Least $1 Million in Bitcoin

"Tim Wu, top advisor to the Biden administration on technology and competition policy, holds more than $1 million in cryptocurrency, shows a recently filed financial disclosure. The antitrust expert, who is known as a prominent big tech critic, has in the ..."

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A Look At The Origins Of Bitcoin Laser Eyes, As El Salvador's President Dons Them.

The pleb who started it all tells the tale of the prolific meme and how it all began, as the leader of a country dons the lasers.

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Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polkadot tank up to 16% - Economic Times

The prices of Bitcoin and other major digital tokens have halved from the peaks, eroding their weekly gains. Meanwhile, China, where up to three-quarters of the worlds supply comes from, is curtailing mining and trading.

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Bitcoin tumbles after Colonial Pipeline ransom tracked - Fox Business

Bitcoin led a broad decline in the cryptocurrency market after the Department of Justice seized the Colonial Pipeline funds used to pay the pipeline’s hackers.

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SEC Keeps Kicking the Can Down the Road on Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Documents

The SEC needs more time to respond to Ripple’s demands for Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP documents

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