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RE: 4600 ft to Mauna Kea

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Wooow, those landscapes! Beautiful :) But I have 3 questions:

  1. How come you two guys were the only people far and wide? Such an amazing place with no crowds of tourists? Very remarkable.

  2. How high was the cliff dive? Looks super high! I would guess 10 m (33 ft) at least. You too are fearless! :D

  3. What where those gloves for during the dive @dhimmel?


Regarding 3, I was worried that the ladder rungs would be a bit rusty, so I wore foot and hand protection. The hand protection is the gloves I had brought on the trip for thermal insulation on Mauna Kea. I never used them on that hike, but did for the dive. The ladder we went up had taped rungs, so rust didn't turn out to be a major factor.

Ah, the ladder rungs... makes sense now :) Thanks for the explanation. But how high was the cliff that you guys were diving from? Just a few days ago, I just jumped into a lake from an elevated wooden platform that was like 4 m (13 ft) above the lake surface and it almost felt like sky-diving to me! :D

Hah. I think your guess of 10 meters is a good one. Online estimates range from 30-50 feet.

Wow @phortun these are difficult questions! I think your estimate is close. This site mentions it's probably 40ft. I'm not sure how we were lucky enough to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere most of the time. Maybe because most people don't see the 'why' - when indeed, 'There is no why' - Philippe Petit.

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