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The number of unemployed due to loss of livelihood makes us all concerned. Some of them were forced to close their businesses and others lost their jobs due to Covid19. Of course this makes us all concerned. After Covid19 subsided, many of them wanted to start a new, better life. However, many of them experience problems in several ways, such as lack of knowledge and unavailability of capital.

Recycling is the process of turning used materials into new materials with the aim of preventing waste that could actually be useful, reducing the use of new raw materials, reducing energy use, reducing pollution, land damage, and greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the process of making new goods. Wikipedia

Of course, recycling activities will be a good business opportunity and generate input. How many used goods are just wasted, even becomes a problem in our lives today. Of course it takes knowledge and creativity to support it.

In this contest we invite you all to recommend us about a good Recycling Business in your opinion.
Give a good review on how to treat the recycling so that it produces economic value. (This is important to provide knowledge to potential business people with the material you recommend)

Contest Objectives :

  1. Increase users to continue to actively make posts in the Steem Entrepreneurs community.
  2. Increase the role of users in producing motivational content.
  3. Increase business motivation to the community.
  4. Increase user awareness in protecting the environment.

Contest rules are as follows :

  • Posts must be in the Steem Entrepreneurs community.
  • Posts must be exclusive and not contain plagiarism.
  • User must join #club5050, #club75 or #club100.
  • Write Title: “My recommendation for creative recycling business”.
  • Use the tag #crbcontest, #tutorial and your country name among your 4 tags
  • Upload a minimum of 3 photos. Include the source if the photo was taken from the internet. (We recommend taking photos from free copyright sites, such as Pixabay and others.
  • Each participant's post must share a 20% prize with @steemkindness
  • Invite at least 3 of your friends to participate in the contest.
  • Put your post link in the post comments column.
  • Include Achievement1 Link if the participant is a newcomer to the Steem Entrepreneurs community

Notes :

Read the contest rules carefully. If any of these are not met the participant will be disqualified.
As a story development, you can write about how much capital is needed in your country's currency and it's good to convert it to Steem.

Contest Prizes :
The best 5 contestants will get a Support Boom

Contest Schedule :
This entry is valid from 04 July to 08 July 2022. (Post Schedule refers to Western Indonesia Time)

Best Regard,
Contest Organizer

cc: @steemcurator01 @pennsif @disconnect @stephenkendal


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 last month 

Kontes yg sangat menarik

 last month 

Terimakasih dukungannya Ayo ramaikan.

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You always try to offer contests with unique and interesting ideas, Mr. @f2i5 , I hope I have the opportunity to enjoy unique contests beyond my expectations.

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 last month 

Thank you my friend.

a contest that makes everyone creative, awesome

 last month 

Thank you for the support. I'm waiting for your entry kanda @ustazkarim

 last month 

Kontes yang luar biasa....

 last month 

Terimakasih atas dukungannya teman

 last month 

Sama-sama bang

 last month 

Semangat jangan kendor. Mari tingkatkan kreatifitas.

 last month 

Ayo semangat

 last month 

Menarik 😍👍🏻

 last month 

Terimakasih. Semoga entri anda segera hadir

 last month 

Salam cik.! Ini yang diulas contoh produk daur ulangnya atau tutorial produknya?

 last month 

Salam kembali @dhafwa, Sesuai tagar yang diwajibkan tentu lebih fokus ke tutorial daur ulang dengan tujuan orang-orang bisa belajar. Namun bisa secara umum. akan lebih baik jika lebih rinci.

 last month 

Berati harus menambahkan tutorialnya ya cik. Terimakasih untuk informasi nya.

 last month 


 last month (edited)

Nice contest to participate you really did a nice work in this contest

 last month 

Pengen ikutan...

 last month 

Hehe. Dengan senang hati akan menunggu entrinya kakak.

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