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Hello happy friends @steempreneurship, how are you today? come back with me @fadlymatch. My hope is still and will always be the same, may we all always be in good health and in the protection of Allah SWT. Aamiin!


Without realizing it, the end of the month is approaching and will soon enter the beginning of July. Monday morning earlier this week I started my usual activities when I woke up when I heard the call to prayer echoing from the toa of the Babul Huda mosque. The cool atmosphere still enveloped this morning because of the heavy rain that fell last night. I grabbed my smartphone and looked at the clock and saw that it was already 5 in the morning. Then I got up and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. Next I took ablution water and prepared to leave the house to the mosque in the middle of the still dark atmosphere.



Don't forget to drink a glass of warm water before leaving the house to soothe a dry throat and cleanse the digestive tract. Although it is considered simple, there are many benefits that we can get by drinking warm water when we wake up in the morning. Drinking warm water after waking up in the morning can prevent kidney stones and relieve depression or stress. After the morning prayer in congregation for a moment I read a few verses of the holy Qur'an while doing iktikaf to calm my heart.



Not long after I left the mosque to go home. While walking I did light exercise to just breathe the morning air which is still quite fresh. A moment later when I got home I continued my routine before heading to my job. While waiting for breakfast, I warmed up the engine of the vehicle that I would use to get to work. Exactly at 7 after breakfast I got ready to leave the house to my beloved school. The atmosphere was still quite early in the morning so that my journey went smoothly without a hitch. Not many vehicles passing by on the road so I can arrive on time.


Until noon the activities I do at school are just doing some assignments. I rested for a while when it was time for dhuhur and prayed in congregation. Coming home until the afternoon I just do routine activities. In the evening I went out for a while to buy a dinner menu at the grilled chicken and fried rice stall Zahwa in the meunasah mesjid area on street Medan - Banda Aceh, Cunda. I bought one fried chicken fried rice at a price of Rp. 21,000, - or 6.7 STEEM. Then one portion of grilled chicken white rice for Rp. 19,000, - or 6 STEEM. After paying a total of IDR 39,000, - or 12.7 STEEM, I went home to enjoy dinner.


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Thank you @fadlymatch for consistently contributing and sharing quality posts with us on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community - Steem On !

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

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Wow your economic diary game is really really nice. My father drinks warm water before going to bed and immediately he wakes up everyday. He always persuades me to try it but I don't. Now that I know and understand the benefits, I will also try to engage in drinking warm water early in the morning as well.

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