burnsteem25 | Economic - Diary Game 02-07-2022 |Buying Various Gifts At The Tgk.Ahmad Store

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Hello all steemit friends. .!! how are you today? wherever you are I hope you are always fine, today I am back here to share my economic diary on Saturday 2.7.2022, today my sister and I visited Tgk. Ahmad's store to buy some gifts.

Tgk.Ahmad Store,Tanah Pasir Market

Our family was invited by my father's family to attend a wedding tomorrow on Sunday, my sister and I went this afternoon looking for souvenirs to take to the wedding, when our wedding family always brought simple gifts as wedding gifts, we went to Tgk tgk.ahmad shop in the Tanah Pasir market, this is one of the most famous, largest and most comprehensive shops in the Tanah Pasir market, besides that the price is also very affordable but still with good quality, the trip from home to the Tanah Pasir market is only about 5 minutes using motorcycle.


Arriving at Tgk. Ahmad's shop we entered and immediately saw what gift was suitable, because the bride was the groom we chose a towel for 60.000 for and a wadimor sarong for 75.000 as a gift, my sister chose a towel and I chose a sarong for a gift, we bought a small gift according to our abilities.



I also have two friends who recently gave birth to a boy, because they are already at Tgk. Ahmad's shop, so I made gifts at once, I bought 2 pairs of boys clothes to give as gifts when visiting my friend's baby, tomorrow Sunday I have to go to a party maybe I will visit my friend's baby and bring a small Gift for their baby on Monday, I paid for 2 children's clothes for (150.000 IDR/ 47.5 Steem).


While waiting for the gifts to be wrapped we strolled around the shop to see other items, we girls when we went shopping like this everything looked so beautiful and felt like buying them all, I also bought a new towel for myself, I also bought washing my face and painting my nails black, after all the gifts were ready, I paid for all the (320.000 Idr/101 Steem)worth of groceries.



Tgk Ahmad's shop is open from 08-22:00 every day there are always busy customers, because indeed all needs are available here, ranging from clothes, sandals, shoes, bags, cosmetics, school supplies, prayer equipment, accessories and many other items, so For friends who are in the Tanah Pasir area or its surroundings, don't forget to come and shop at the Tgk Ahmad Shop.

Store: Tgk. Ahmad
Address: Tanah Pasir Market, Jalan Cut Nyak Asiah, North Aceh


That's all for the day economic diary game today 02.07.2022, thank you to all friends who have visited and read it, have a nice day.

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