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Coffee is one of the most consumed types of beverages by the world, there is even research conducted by researchers through various journals that coffee is ranked second and third alternately with tea which also has the most enthusiasts in the world. Then what is the reason coffee is a drink that is so widely consumed ?

Everyone has their own reasons why they like to consume coffee, in general coffee lovers need the effects of caffeine in the morning to get positive energy to start the day. This is not a suggestion because caffeine is able to release hormones that help the drinker to be more focused, happy and relaxed. Coffee also has good benefits for health when consumed according to the rules. Interestingly, coffee also has the intricacies of a potential industry, so it's no wonder that there are people who dedicate their lives to studying coffee. Another great thing about coffee is that it's always a meeting place. Starting from important meetings in business matters, to meetings in the social world. Coffee is not just limited to taste, and this is what makes many people often consume it with a sense of awe.

Steem Coffee Publication Goal

The Steem Entrepreneurs community took the initiative to make special publications and provide an expression space for coffee connoisseurs to share their experiences or knowledge with coffee. We know that coffee from every region, every country, also has basic characteristics. A coffee expert named Kenneth Davids who has tasted almost all types of coffee in the world has proven it. According to Davids, all types of coffee have their own characteristics, but there are 3 main sources of coffee in the world :

  • Latin America: The coffee is known for its comfort in the mouth, slightly sweet, and the sour taste is “lively”.
  • Africa and Arabia: Their coffee usually tastes sweet, smells like a bowl of fresh fruit. The taste of coffee from this area is like the taste of wine and the taste of oranges.
  • Pacific: Coffee in this area is known for being rich in flavor and “full”, somewhat similar in taste to beans, not too sour, and a bit dry.

The uniqueness of coffee in each country is very interesting to be explored further. Its uniqueness is not only in the taste but also in the way of presentation which is unique from each region or country. The current coffee shop also has a unique and innovative concept with a variety of coffee variants available.

How to make a Steem Coffee publication

Steemit users can write what topics I have related to coffee, such as:

  • Share your experience or knowledge about coffee.
  • Review your favorite coffee shop.
  • Review your favorite coffee.

The points above are only a guide for writing, but steemit users can explore more deeply about coffee such as the influence of coffee in socio-cultural life in your area, your activities that come into contact with coffee or others. We don't limit it to a limited topic but make sure it's related to coffee.


Steem Coffee Publication Terms and Conditions

  • Post on the Steem Entrepreneurs community page.
  • Write a minimum of 250 words and display the source when using photos, quotes or sentences belonging to others (recommended using original photos).
  • Free language is recommended to write in the language of your country.
  • Use the title : Steem Coffee - .. Entry Title ....
  • Use the main hashtag #steemcoffee #steemexclusive and the name of your country if you don't use the global language (English).
  • Minimum share of beneficiaries 20% for @steemkindness.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated
  • Obey and comply with the rules of the steemit team.

Note : Please kindly read the terms and conditions for the publication of Steem Coffee


The coffee industry is currently growing rapidly in every country with increasingly fierce business competition. The presence of this type of publication is expected to add new nuances to the steemit platform with creative and informative content. The steem entrepreneur community encourages the emergence of new coffee shop entrepreneurs from the steemit circle. The publication of Steem Coffee is expected to be a motivation as a source of ideas and inspiration for steemit users to become entrepreneurs, especially the coffee shop business and integrate with Steem. Again, there are many ways to #promosteem and coffee shops are a potential place to start because coffee is endless inspiration.

CC : @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02 | @pennsif


Open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for steem entrepreneurs community development.

Please select one from the link :

Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people.


Hai @steempreneurship
Saya sedang bersiap untuk melakukan tour mencari rasa sejati kopi dan ini akan menjadi bagian dari proyek Steem Coffe Publication

Mungkin saya akan mulai besok dan salah satu detail penting dari program saya adalah mengunjungi setiap warung kopi, coffe shop yang ada di kota Banda Aceh kemudian mereview keunikan racikan kopi dan sejarah berdirinya usaha tersebut

Karena Aceh merupakan salah satu kawasan penghasil biji kopi kelas dunia dan di pusat ibukota provinsi merupakan wilayah bisnis sektor kopi dengan hampir disemua sudut kota dan pusat keramaian tak luput dari penjual minuman kopi baik itu dalam skala kecil maupun besar.

Saya akan jelaskan lebih lanjut di tulisan postingan nantinya

Dan saya sangat berharap ini di dukung karena juga akan banyak melibatkan orang nantinya.


 6 months ago 

This is very interesting. Coffee connoisseurs are everywhere. Sometimes they don't expose because there's no room for it. Now this Community has become a space for that. Hopefully it can be useful for all Entrepreneurs friends. So far we have only heard discourses about Steem Coffee. Hopefully, by opening this publication space, a thousand Steem Coffee will be born which is useful for #promo-steem

 6 months ago 

Thank you for your support, hopefully it will be a place for coffee connoisseurs to be creative and share their experiences and knowledge about coffee... a good and potential business coffee industry..

 6 months ago 

Wow a new content 👍

 6 months ago 

yuk berpartisipasi bu @sailawana

 6 months ago 

Insya Allah..

Kontes yang menarik semoga berkah buat kawan kawan semua yang mengikuti nya🤲🤗

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