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Dear Steempreneurs,
Steem Entrepreneurs was born as forum to unite stemians who have hobby or passion in their field of business. The community page is designed as fun place for steemians to share experiences, ideas, creativity, and innovation so that can be inspiration to drive value and growth of Steem Blockchain ecosystem. This is fun page for entrepreneurs to achieve success with steem community.

To achieve the goals outlined in detail in Steem Entrepreneurs Community Introduction - We set some basic rules :

  • Not farm account
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated
  • Subject and comply with the rules set by

The posts that can be published on the steem entrepreneurs page :

  1. Publications that represent the business sector, both on a large and small scale, such as:
    • Big and small trading business
    • Agriculture Business
    • Manufacturing business
    • Construction Business
    • Transportation Business
    • Communication Business
    • Financial Business
    • Service Business
    • Others
  2. Promotion of your product or business activity.
  3. Review of products or business activities that are considered unique and potential.
  4. Steem promos through business economic activities or advertising.
  5. You can also publish your daily activities related to economic activities or buying and selling transactions.
  6. Other publications related to the vision and mission of the steem entrepreneur community.
  7. Publication in English or other languages.
  8. Paste the link "Achievement1" at the end of your first post.

This rule aims to set the standard for steem entrepreneur page to remain unique and relevant that represents the basic purpose of establishing community.

All publications on the steem entrepreneurs page will receive votes from the official @steempreneurship community account. To increase voting power we open opportunities for steem account users to delegate Steem Power to @steempreneurship. We thank you for joining and congratulations on working for better life in the future.

Posted : Steem Entrepreneurs Team
Cc : @steemitblog @steemcurator01
Big Thanks - Wish U have wonderful day


Please select one from the link for delegation :


Thank you very much for the info

 10 months ago 

Youre welcome, my friends

 last year 

thank you for notifying about posts that can be published in this community komunitas

 last year (edited)

Thanks for the feedback... The goal is to make the steem entrepreneurs page relevant and unique that focuses on the business and advertising sector.

Wish U have wonderful day

 last year 

I come from Indonesia. Can I write to increase my contribution using my language?

 last year 

Thanks for the update on the community. @steempreneurship

Thank you for the clarification. I was thinking of asking some questions but thank you I am clarified.

@steempreneurs, @harferri i want to know whether there is a criteria to be verified as a Member of this community. Everything in this community suits me well. My father started his printing business in 1993. He became a lawyer in 2015 and focused on his professional career instead. In 2019, me and my two elder brothers have learnt about printing with the hope of opening back the printing press my father had shut down. As me and my elder brother are still university students, my eldest brother is currently doing his internship at a printing company with the hope of getting more experience for the future.....

I am hoping i can put all this into writing and show how passionate we are getting about owning a printing company ourselves. I want to know if i can freely do that or there are some things i need to know about posting in this community. Thank you

 11 months ago 

We will gladly welcome you with us.. Subscribe and make posts on the steem entrepreneurs community page, describe your business, mark your business location with "what3words" and other data of your business... paste the Achievement1 link at the end of the post for member verification...

If something is missing, we will guide you in the comments column of your post...have a nice day

Hi there,

I am a mechanical engineer and started a SME enterprise devoted to provide design services as well as manufacture some of the goods and services requested by my customers.

I am based in Guadalajara, Mexico but as you know, we are one of the pathways to the US. There are many foreigner companies in Mexico, specially close to the border with the US.

For the past 12 years I have been a supplier to FLEX (formerly known as Flextronics), which is an electronic manufacturing company. There are very similar to FoxConn, but a smaller scale.

The reason I am replying is three fold. Firstly, to look for business opportunities, secondly, to see if my field is of interest, and lastly to understand the needs of people in Asia and other parts of the world and to assist in any possible way.

 11 months ago 

Thank you so much for this. How I have a better idea of what to publish in this community

Muy interesante la información ,soy nueva y no sé cómo publicar , muchas gracias

 11 months ago 

You can see some posts on the steem entrepreneurs community page to get an idea.. let's make your post, we will guide you

Thanks and have a nice day

Thanks for the update on the community.

 last year (edited)

Youre welcome ..
We are waiting for the contribution of all steempreneurs, regards

Okay, am glad to be here, I will subscribe ASAP ✅

 last year 

We're happy to hear that

This is so cool. How can i get my account verify with you?

I will work according to all the rules and regulations. With a little help from you, I will be able to work bette

I'm happy I went through this post ... can I post my handworks here. Am into Craft? I love craft

 7 months ago 

Please what does these 100SP, 200SP, 300SP, etc mean? A newcomer concern. Thanks

 7 months ago 

That's an easy way if you want to delegate Steem Power for the @steempreneurship curator account, you can choose what you want to delegate

 4 months ago 

Hello, thanks for this information, it could come in handy for me as a newbie.

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