Steem Greeters Tasks Report, and Curation With Steemcurator03/ June 27 to July 03, 2022

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Hello dear friends. Today I will show you the work done by me during this week in the Steem Greeters Team. I will also show you the use that is being given to the Steemcurator03 account.

I am welcoming new Steemit users by inviting them to join the Newcomers community.

  • 1.-The Verifications actually carried out.

  • 2.-Abuse and others.

  • 3.-Guided on achievement tasks
    Some users need to be guided through this process.

  • 4.- Votes with Steemcurator03

I also simultaneously curated all those visited and verified with my @inspiracion account.

Below I show you the details of the files verified and the guides made this week.

1.- Verifications

When the user meets all the requirements, the verification is done, the following are accounts that I have verified.

Achievement 1

@eh2288club5050//Achievement 1 : My steemit Introduction post by @eh2288
@afshaanMy Introduction to Steemit
@sebaalexander25-06-2022 Logro 1 Mi Presentacion a Steemit @sebaalexander
@awais942Achievement 1 My Introduction on Steemit || By Regards @awais942|| 25-06-2022||
@abubakar073My Achievement-1 | My Introduction |26-06-22 | by @abubakar073
@sirstan9Achievement 1
@bhartexpressACHIEVEMENT 1: INTRODUCE MY SELF BY @bhartexpress
@jahidul12Achievement1 : my introduction post by @jahidul12.
@shamim9Achievement:1 Introduce Myself On Steemit

Achievement 2 to 6 and Compilation Task

1@carl-brightAchievement Three(3). Task: Content Etiquette @carl-bright.
2@afshaanAchievement 3 by @afshaan task: Content Etiquette 01-07-2021
3@rafkAchievement 5 Task 1 by @rafk : Review

2.-Abuse and others

Suspicious account
@nirjamanbossAchivement1:my introduction post in steemit by @ asif Chowdhury

3.-Guided on achievement tasks

The following are instructions that I leave to users to correct their Achievements.

1@cmchandrikaRE: My Introduction
2@abadullah513RE: Achievement 1 My introduction on steemit Regards By @abadullah513 24-6-2022
3@afshaanRE: Achievement 3 by @afshaan task: Content Etiquette 01-07-2021
4@eh2288RE: ACHIEVEMENT 3 : Content Etiquette by @eh2288 //club5050// 01.07.2022
5@attiyaRE: Achievement 1 Introduction through verification by @attiya
6@nirjamanbossRE: Achivement1:my introduction post in steemit by @ asif Chowdhury
7@azizul1985RE: Achievement 1 : Verification Through Introduction to Newcomers' community by @azizul1985

4.- Votes with Steemcurator03

The most Engaged Steemians

Currently, the more engaged Steemians are being supported by providing votes to the top 5 with the more comments and posts made.

In the following post you can see this week's results and the top 5 supported commenters: Make Noise Project Week 7: The most Engaged Steemians in the last week | By @alejos7ven

Winners Steemit Nursery Contest

The winners of the Steemit Nursery contest are being supported with Steemcurator03.
Here you can see the winners supported last week: The Winners: Steemit Nursery Contest Do it yourself/ Hazlo tu mismo


The following are votes given with Steemcurator03 to support Newcomers who participate in the Newcomers program.

1@sebaalexander25-06-2022 Logro 1 Mi Presentacion a Steemit @sebaalexander
2@afshaanAchievement 3 by @afshaan task: Content Etiquette 01-07-2021
3@sirstan9Achievement 1
4@bhartexpressACHIEVEMENT 1: INTRODUCE MY SELF BY @bhartexpress
5@jahidul12Achievement1 : my introduction post by @jahidul12.
6@shamim9Achievement:1 Introduce Myself On Steemit
7@rafkThe diary game: 28/06/22/ Lunch time at Soni's yummy restaurant



Achievement 110
Achievement 20
Achievement 32
Achievement 40
Achievement 51
Achievement 60
Suspicious account1
Guided on achievement tasks7
Votes with Steemcurator03 Achievement Program7


Currently, as you know, our group is working to verify the achievements, currently, we do not simply place a label and curate, but we are verifying that the profiles created are profiles of real people.

The team in charge is working hard in this work, and we have managed to work in a single line of work.

We hope to perform this task with excellence and obtain good results.

We are also open to receiving recommendations for improvement.

Thank you very much for the trust placed in us.

Thank you so much.


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