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About Myself


Hi friends , am new in this platform by the way my name is Otulugbu dumbi Andrew am a native of ebedei-uno ukwuani local government area delta state located at southern nigeria Am 21 years old and I registered for this platform recently, because I have heard how steemit has been helping people in one way and other and not only in the monetarily aspect, but steemit has equally enlighten some of the youth in Nigeria. Furthermore, I was introduced by a friend called preye from bayelsa state(@preye2).


I came from a decent family, my parents gave birth to 6 children 4 boys and 2 girls of which am the second to last born. My dad is a retired principal and my mum is a trader, they are both doing great for us.


I attended Ebedei primary school ebedei-uno located at utagbu -uno road obiaruku delta state . I sat for my primary school leave certificate in the year 2012 i pass my primary six exam. I proceeded to mixed secondary school Akoku-Ebedei in the year 2013 where I wrote my SSCE (wace) in the year 2019 and also wrote jamb in the year 2020 . I got admission in the year 2021 to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering in federal polytechnic nekede, owerri imo-state.


I haven't experienced anything about crypto before now, but am just hearing about it and I strongly believe that this platform is entertaining and motivating for whoever is willing to learn.

My hobby

I like reading , singing and I also like playing football ln fact my friend used to called me C.Ronaldo the dribbler because my friends and most of my course mate like the way I play football. I like reading novels, hearing motivational speakers, reading newspapers, magazines and many more.


  • To have more knowledge and to enlighten myself.
  • To blog and earn crypto
  • To improve my thinking mindset
  • To gather slot of Steem Power, as I have been told how important this is.


I don't like making friends with arrogant people, l don't like making friends with unserious student. I also don't like laziness. In any thing I want to do, I will do it fast. I also dislike keeping things rough, and I don't like any dirty.


ln conclusion, I would like to be blog and earn crypto and also I would like to be writing quality posts on this platform. This is my introduction post, I hope it corresponds with the necessary requirement.

Thank you all💝......

Congratulations !!!

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Hi, @andrew7,

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welcome to steemit @andrew7

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Hello 😊, welcome to Steemit 🎉...!!!

Hopefully it can bring more inspiration for our better life.

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Welcome friends, I hope you feel comfortable here

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You are welcome to steemit platform @andrew7
I have followed you, please be kind to follow back

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