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Hello Everyone,

In this post, I am going to talk about the curation trail for PH-fund which is a curation account of Project Hope. I have also shared the link to the curation trail below:


What is a Curation Trail

By using this service, you can automatically upvote any post on the Steem platform. For Example; if you follow the PH-Fund account trail, whenever this ph-fund account will upvote any post, the same will be upvoted by your account as well. This works only to upvote posts and not comments. You can configure the upvote weight using the option provided, in which I will explain further.

Benefits of a Curation Trail

Curation rewards are one of the important parts of the platform, and with the trail, it works automatically and brings curation with zero effort. Following trails not only helps us earn curation rewards but it also saves time and effort.

How to Use Curation Trail

It's a very easy process and I am going to explain it here:

First, you need to go to (https://steemdb.online/) and select Register option

Screenshot 20200808 at 9.45.07 PM.png

In this window, click on "continue" and go to the next page where you need to enter your Steem login credentials.

Screenshot 20200808 at 10.01.05 PM.png

Enter the login credentials in the window.


You will be redirected to this page, post login and here you need to select the Curation trail option.

Screenshot 20200808 at 10.06.17 PM.png

After selecting the curation trail you can search for the trail. I did search for ph-fund and this is what you can see as a result. Click on the Follow button and it's done.

Screenshot 20200808 at 10.15.44 PM.png

Now you can use the setting options to make the changes from default.


There are two options to set-up the weight of your vote. The first is the scale and another is fixed. You can choose one as your choice but if you are new to the curation trail then I suggest you go with a fixed voting weight.

I have shared all about the curation trail and steps to follow. I have tried to cover all information but if in case you have any questions about it then please do ask in comments.

Here is a snapshot of the top 5 curation trails on the Steem platform and PH-fund is on the top. More follower means more rewards to the post and certainly more curation.

Screenshot 20200808 at 10.54.38 PM.png

Why is it worth joining this particular curation trail

  • You get better curation reward with PH curation trail as it's set-up in a way to get increased curation rewards for followers. After your upvote would be placed, a large one from @project.hope will follow. Project.hope has right now almost 250k SP

  • By following it, you will support several very active and engaging content creators, publishing within Project Hope Community

  • On top of that this curation trail does focus on users, who are growing their accounts instead of powering down and dumping rewards. They promote mostly authors following @NeverPowerDown Policy.

I would like to mention that it's important to set a limit on your voting mana (Option provided on the dashboard) to ensure that it wouldn't ever drain your voting power. Its suggested to keep it at around 85-90%


This PH-fund curation trail aims to support original content creators and those who are committed to the platform and not powering down. The Project Hope team works to add value onto the Steem platform. We are supporting authors so that they stay long term and in-turn that will help Steem to grow.

The PH-fund curation trail is organized in a very unique way. After all the upvotes are placed by those who follow this curation trail, then strong upvotes from @project-hope accounts follow as well. This way everyone who participates will place his/hers upvotes before this large one, which increases received curation rewards (non-linear reward curve)

Over 400 members have already trusted the PH-fund curation trail founded by @project.hope. I highly recommend you to follow and become a part of this amazing community

Direct link to follow PH-FUND Curation Trail


I would be glad if you would consider resteem-ing this post as your support will help to reach it more people

Thank you so much

Know more about PH: https://www.projecthope.pl/




Thank you for this post @alokkumar121

For those who may be interested: our project is also running curation trail on HIVE (named also: ph-fund)

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder

cc: @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03, @steemcurator04, @steemcurator05, @steemcurator06, @steemcurator07 - hope I can count on your upvote (help us get into trending page, to bring more visibility to this post).

I got your message in discord and I am not very active on that blockchain, so this was a perfect solution.

Hi @shortsegments
We would be happy to have your support on our curation trail. Thanks.

Hi @alokkumar

I want to support Project Hope and I think it’s a win-win situation.

Take Care,


By the way, your very active, have you considered being a Country Curator?

Hi @shortsegments

Sorry for late reply. I don't know more about this country curator program.


how to earn money from steemit

I just followed your trail and am making new posts myself still most days on Steem! I would love for you to drop by sometimes on my posts!

Hi @jerrybanfield

Thanks for following the trail and I would love to go through your posts. Thanks again for your support. Have a great weekend

I do not doubt that their path is to support good writers but I also tell them that they are not doing well, and I am going to prove it with a photo


That is the efficiency of your votes to other people which is 61%

And this photo that I am going to put is mine voting too


As you can see, it is 85%, this means that they are voting badly and out of time, and it also means that any account below 1000sp does not gain anything by voting on their trail, I would advise you to change the time, and you would win the double what it says, and it is more this same I said in a private comment by discord, I hope this observation will be of great help

 2 years ago 

Dear @apoloo1

I appreciate your comment, however I trully do not know what are you trying to prove.

It's quite obvious that manual curation will never bring similar % APR to fully-automatized curation where main focus IS NOT to support quality content with solid upvotes, but instead main focus would be to maximize curation rewards.

Now let me ask you a question:

  • assuming that you would auto-upvote posts right on 5th minute since there were published (obviously without even reading it), adding to your auto-upvote list those accounts which usually attract large votes -> what would you achieve?

Surely you would get little extra $$ and you would end up benefiting yourself. But what value would such an auto-upvoting bring to STEEM or HIVE? My answer is: no value at all.

You're focusing on VERY WRONG thing. Instead of having mindset of bringing value to blockchain, your focus is: how can I earn. Your priority isn't to help others, but to focus on your own rewards. Which is cool. But this is not what we're trying to achieve here.

If your goal is to earn as much as you can, then try dlease.io -> you will quickly realize that by leasing your SP you can make so much more than those 85%.

I would advise you to change the time, and you would win the double what it says, and it is more this same I said in a private comment by discord, I hope this observation will be of great help

I wish to understand your suggestion. Change the time? Meaning?

To wrap it up:
Our curation trail is created in a way that may not be financially the most profitable, however those upvotes are used to support quality content creators. Focusing mostly on users who are NOT POWERING DOWN and dumping all rewards on the market. Or goal is to support authors which we consider valuable, instead of focusing on short term gains (slighly higher curation rewards).

Yours, Piotr

Hey man, great post, was gonna give up on steemit but got to know about project hope and it gave me hope (pun intended) on this platform. Great piece and have resteemed your post

I am glad you didn’t give up. Please check out the Steemitblog for details on receiving upvotes from steemcurator on daily diary type posts.

how to earn money from steemit

Very good tutorial on how to follow the voting trail of the ph-fund account, in particular I am already following this voting trail, however I consider this post relevant for everyone who does not yet know how to join. Greetings and thanks for this post.

Glad to know that you already follow. Thanks.

@alokkumar121, i am already following up on the ph-fund curation trial.
Great post you made. I think i love this tutorial.
I have also resteemed it.

Thank you so much @talktofaith
Glad to know that you follow already and appreciate your kind words and resteem

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Hello excellent publication, I already follow this path, it would be great if many people were to us!

Glad that you like it. Thanks much.

It’s an essential tool if you’ve gone on vacation, are sick, or don’t have time for some period. If you set it up well, for example, to only reduce your voting power to the 70 percent limit, you can also do manual votes whenever you wish. I've been using it for a long time.
😎 🏝 🚴

Thats great @deathcross
Appreciate your support to PH.

This is an excellent post that provides useful information and guidance re the great feature that is the curation trail. I'm sure many will find this helpful.

Thank you so much for you valuable words @majes.tytyty

That's a nice tip. While I usually like to manually curate content, I have to say that it's very time consuming and the profits are smaller. I'll use this curation trail, I trust Project Hope to upvote quality content 😄

I have been following this trail too. I do 100% voting weight since there are up to 10 votes a day or something? It is just me but I think you would feel better if you upvoted by 100% 😉

Been following for a while now, great returns. Everyone who loves quality contents but doesn't have enough time to curate them should follow this trail!

Well this is awesome. I've been following the curation trail for a long time and always look out for initiatives relating to Project Hope.

I was aware of this curation trail, thanks for the eye opener.

I'm already a part of @ph-fund curation trail, I joined it in beginning when it was created. Thank you for posting this. Already restemeed

Thanks @rishabh99946
Glad to have you here.

Good thing I am already part of that healing path and it is very valuable

A curation trail helps a lot and sometimes quickly helps to grow ones steem power and in turn also rewarding people for their effort. I appreciate you taking your time to say this out. I hope this hit the trending page

Hello friend, thanks for the publication, we are already on the road to healing, no doubt Project Hope has become our home in steemit.

See you later, have a good weekend!

Nice one buddy. I'm part of the
PH curation trail and it is an honour.
Thanks for sharing this.

Have a resteem buddy

Thank you buddy

Am already in the trail.

 2 years ago 

Greetings dear @alokkumar121.

First Place at Popular Curation Trails Ranking:

This is the demonstration of the strength that can be achieved with the union of wills.

It is also proof of how Project Hope inspires confidence.
With everyone's effort, we have been able to achieve an image that represents constant and well-done work, which leads other users to give us the responsibility of using their SP efficiently, diversifying the curations and increasing reward levels.

On behalf of the Project Hope Core Team: BIG THANKS!

Hi @juanmolina
very well said that we are on top. PH is one of the strong community and adding value to the platform. I hope the steemit team also recognizes it. Thanks my friend.

Excellent post @alokkumar121. I follow the trail form the beginning. The aim is to encourage and support good content producers on the STEEM chain. And beyond that, every body that follows the citation trail gets citation reward

Hi @alokkumar121

Excellent publication with very useful information.
I've been a part of Project HOPE for some time now and I trust the healing track founded by @project.hope. I also enjoy being part of this wonderful community where quality content production is valued and encouraged.
Supported and resteem

Hello @alokkumar121
Excellent information, which besides being an easily understandable tutorial on how to follow the trail, explains very well the benefits of following the healing trail.
I have been following it for quite some time.
Very good.

Thanku so much for the explanation about curation trail many of newly joined Members Ask this question but from now on I will surely share the link of your post with them , I personally suggest many people to Join curation trails As its Free Money and the person Joining doesn't need to anything to get money its free profit without work. Its best thing :)

is it safe ? I Think its a 3rd party website . i was trying to use this . but they want my owner active key . so i am quit this .

i want to be a part of #projecthope . what should i do ?

Hi @ridoykhan22
Its safe and you can use it. Looking forward to having you on the curation trail. Thanks.

Thanks @alokkumar121 you have summed it up very nicely.
I am following the trail and from my experience it is one of the best ways to earn passive rewards.

Appreciate your words, my friend @thetimetravelerz

Thank you so much.

Interesting review of the PH curation trail. I've already joined.

Amazing, you broke down how to follow a trail and all, and it's just something I feel I'll advise a whole lot of others to see as well. I'm resteeming this and will also join the trail myself. Thanks for sharing.

This is something going to be best for me as these days i don't get much time for curating different post so with this now i think it will be something going to be the best use of my sp and will be getting some good returns as well.

It's really great to be among the curation trail followers and I have really benefited a lot from it.

Glad to know. Thanks my friend

good idea.

where is the dashboard for limiting my voting power?

 2 years ago 

Right here


I follow this trail curation , PH are the best

Excellent. Will give this a try. ... upvoted and Resteemed. Hope I get some results.

Great explanation friend.
Being a follower of this trail i would love if others join us.
For this purpose resteeming the post to maximize its reach. Well done :)

 2 years ago 


Greetings friend excellent publication and information, I already follow the path of healing. Successes.

Thankyou for sharing this post with us. And i am already following this curation tail and i would also suggest my friends to come and follow the curation tail @kavya001 @prema46 @sanyakale

Glad to know that you follow already and appreciate your support for bringing your friends. Thanks.

Really amazing! and quality content about the setup... Already following the trail...

excellent! I already follow the trail

At this moment, I am only posting under project hope actually. I hardly post on other community on steem now. I am also following the curation trail of project hope. 😁

Good post. It has been posted before a type like this one but new ones with better guides are always needed for the noobs.

Already following this curation trail and it has been awesome.

 2 years ago 

@tipu curate 4

Great stuff, already part of the trail and part of the community :)

Thanks for sharing. I already PH trail.

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

You're welcome.

Joining the project hope trial is a great thing , I am a part of the trial already.....

Thanks a lot for sharing your very detailed post about your curation trail. I'm very Happy to be already among the 300 users who follow your curation. I hope many people join soon.👍

Very good guide on how to follow the voting trail of the ph-fund account. This was one of the first things I did when I joined this community, it is very important for new users to know these steps

Nice helpful post. Already part of it

thank you brother.

@alokkumar121 first of all very nice article, and ph is a very nice Community. All the members are very cooperative and help in every field were you are stuck.

 2 years ago 

Dear @alokkumar121

Thank you friend for this publication and the promotion of the trail, but even better of this wonderful community, which somehow continues to create ties with the users that make life within our community, a great visionary our friend and founder @crypto.piotr who is gave account of the great scope of the topics that talk about - technology, - steem and steemit, - blockchain, - artificial intelligence, - machine learning, - cybersecurity, - gaming (on blockchain) as well as: - economy, - business, - marketing, - psychology, social media etc. that are treated within our community.

For these reasons, the community has great acceptance and has a good position on the platform.

I hope that many can continue to join our Trail.


My compliments on a very good post!
I have Bookmarked this tutorial on curation trails.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing
I'm already following this curation trail :))

I guess manual curation is always the best for everybody.

 2 years ago 

I think the same.

I already follow the curation trail, so yes it is a great feature. Thanx for informing us and many more, hope it will reach a lot of people. Resteemed.

Wow, this is really breathtaking seeing someone explain the project hope. The interesting thing is project hope is a community for everybody who is interested in writing project.hope related post coupled with growing community.

Thanks my friend.

A very amazing trail to follow. I have been following for a while now, and I have really benefited huge curation rewards. People should consider joining too.
Post resteemed

You have been upvoted by @rishabh99946 A Country Representative from INDIA I am voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game

Also join LUCKY 10S

Thank you so much.

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @project.hope.

Great post. I am glad to know that there is the steem auto again at Steemit.

Thank you and looking forward to have you on our PH curation trail. Your support to PH is valuable.

Looks great . But sorry , i dont have knowledge about steemdb and steemauto i will take some time and do research about this ... 😊then i will take a step.. i resteemd the post to my Blog

Dear @rashid001

Thank you for dropping by and your comment.

Please let us know if you would have any issues related to Steemauto. I will gladly help if you would have any questions.


@crypto-piotr . Sir I cant login to steemauto with posting key it requires active key ..... What to do now ?? Can i??

 2 years ago 

Dear @rashid001

Indeed it does require active key for some reason I fully also do not understand. Developer behind steemauto claims that it's required to authorize this dapp and truth is that I decided to trust him, since I've known him for little while already.

In case if you would have any doubts or questions, please join our community discord and I will DM you right away:

Yours, Piotr

@crypto.piotr Thanks alot sir 🌹 , i joined discord and followed hp-fund curation trail..

 2 years ago 

wonderful @rashid001 :)

I already joined the curation trail, though I'm just a minnow on the platform, with time I'd power up. I set an 100% vote weight and I intend leaving it that way


This will always make the community vote more stronger, I do make use of it. Thanks for this

Gran aporte para los que seguimos en steemit

Excellent publication, I already joined the curation trail


Liebe Grüße



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Sorry I am late. I was actually off of this platform for a long time because I was tired of being ignored, which caused me to snap. Plus, I never expected to get such a memo in my wallet. Better late than never I guess?

Hi, I already joined this trail.

I already included myself in the trail, I know the work of the people who are part of the project and they are people committed to good causes, people with honesty and with an excellent quality of work that speaks very well of them, I do not doubt that they are a great community, my regards and respect. God bless them ✌


Wow... I am going to follow the trail project.hope, will follow the steps you outlined. Thank you for the post!!

Follow you!!

Very detailed write up... Glad to be a part of this trail..

wow Nice ....Really Any post is plagiarism free?

We're doing our best to educate all members which are posting within Project Hope community, that plagiarism is not supported by us.

Thanks for your comment @laraib07

Sorry. I'm very frustrated with Steemit.

Why @marcybetancourt? you mind sharing your reasons with us?

Yours, @crypto.Piotr

I have an active delegation at 50% upvote to the curation trail on Hive where I grow my account there. With Steem I have stopped since I power down 90% of my Steem Power because of the hard fork that removed 23 million steem from legitimate users.

Hello @alokkumar121
Excellent information, thank you for sharing it and giving us the opportunity to make an intelligent decision.

Thank you so much m appreciate your kind words

Excellent information, thanks for sharing

how to earn money from steemit

A curation trail is a good way to support while you are away from your desk. ;)

absolutely. thanks.

In my case, I prefer to do it manually and read the contents.

thank you for the tutorial- i did not even know about the curation trail until today! hahahaha

Hi, I just saw your notes and already resteemed! also i followed the curation as I am not much active on curation here, following your trail is urely the best solution! thank you!

Since I've joined this curation trail, I've enjoyed larger curation rewards. I'm giving 100% upvotes from two accounts at 75% mana. And although I only write one post a week at this time, it's 100% SP reward. So hope to increase my voting power. Thanks!

Glad that you follow PH curation trail already and getting benefits of curation rewards. Thank you so much

Hi! Upvote and reblogged your post.

Gracias por la información, acabo de seguir el registro y espero entonces ver resultados pronto.

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