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Hello Everyone. I'm Liezel A. Macad. From the Country of the Philippines in the Region of Northern Mindanao. I'm 26 years old and was born in February 11,1996.

A forth year college student in this coming August 2022. Taken up a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management.

My hobbies are singing, playing musical instruments, photography, videography and I love making arts and crafts.

Why I join the in this community is to utilize my skill in capturing some photos in our environment. I really love capturing photos like flowers and trees. Two years ago , I had a lot of photos of the wild flowers in my phone. While walking in the street, I stopped a while to captured some flowers. Today, Steemit Garden made me realized that I have a passion about it.

Thanks God that through Steemit Garden, I can show my skill and to express my passion in capturing anything in the Environment.

Please do verify me Ma"am and Sir. Hoping for your response. Thank you.


Welcome to Steemit @ling2x22 :)

Thank you So much Sir @silent-ghost.

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Welcome to our community Steemit-Garden!
Thank you very much for your posr presentation!

Thank you so much for your appreciation.

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