My Writing Story' Competition(109) with Digital art made by world of xpilar

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Today I am contributing to a contest based on the digital photo @xpilar which is the beauty of the ocean.
Digital art made by @xpilar
For me, the ocean is a reflection of the twists and turns of life that I live, here I describe in detail about me.
Fitriani is the name pinned by my parents, but is familiarly called Purchel, born in Pidie District, Aceh, April 5, 1991. In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor of Biology Education from the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Jabal Ghafur University, Aceh, with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Since my student, I have shown a high interest in the environment and a summary of joining the Student Activity Unit for Nature Lovers Jabal Everest, Jabal Ghafur University. His activities at UKM have led me to pursue extreme sports such as rock climbing, rafting, and cave exploration. Some of the mountains that I have climbed are Mount Seulawah Agam in Aceh Besar, Burni Telong in Bener Meriah, and Peut Sagoe in Pidie.

In August 2020, I and my colleagues at Mapala Jabal Everest were involved in raising the red and white flag in Limeng Cave, Batee District, Pidie Regency. This activity was entitled "Caves for Indonesia", here I was the only woman in the activity and was lined up as the Leader of the Ceremony.

I pursue rock climbing seriously and am now listed as one of three rock climbing trainers in Aceh who have gone nationwide. To add to my technical skills, I am currently pursuing a special training in rock climbing in Bandung, West Java, by Vertikal Rescue Indonesia.

In between working as a part-time surveyor at a number of institutions, I am very grateful to be one of the three nationally licensed rock climbing coaches in Aceh, and now have the opportunity to further prepare for a prestigious event in my area in 2022.

Apart from that, I am also active in the Leuser Care Community, which concentrates on environmental issues.
Effort or process will not betray the results, maybe this is the right adage for me, someone came and asked me to give my personal information in achieving my dream, thanks to someone's support.I wrote my biography within 3 days and was assisted by him as my biography editor. Thanks to someone's support, my profile was raised on the Women Unlimited site as a woman making change at the grassroots of this site with the support of Global Affairs Canada and the Dutch Embassy, ​​as well as in collaboration with We Lead and PPMN.
You can see complete information here:


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Thank you for sharing your education with us @purchel
Mountain climbing is both exciting and difficult
Hope many will read your story

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Thank you very much for your support @xpilar, a surprise to get a comment from you. thank you

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