"WINNER 4 - WEEK XXVI - Macrophotography Contest World Of Xpilar Community"

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How are you all steemit friends, hopefully in good health.

Here I show one of my winning photos in the XXVI week of the macrophotography competition

winner 26 .png


Lotus Flower

To see the contest link please click here

On this occasion, I @syawalkoki would like to make a post about my victory in one of the contests held at WORLD OF XPILAR.

I am very surprised by my win in this Contest and feel really happy.

a macro photography contest held by @sultan-aceh as a moderator in this community. On this occasion I am very grateful to @xpilar and @sultan-aceh who have chosen me as one of the winners of the 4th place macro photography competition, in week XXVI with my victory this time makes me proud and happy, so that in the future in this contest I will more continue to show my best work in WORLD OF XPILAR. Hopefully this contest will always run smoothly, amen, and also always be consistent and can produce the best and extraordinary work.

I also hope that my friends will continue to be enthusiastic about participating in the competition and always try to produce their best work.

Never give up let alone lose your enthusiasm even though you haven't been chosen this week, and keep showing your best and definitely win.

Hopefully the local aceh team will always be united in carrying out all activities and hopefully always be the best now and forever
as we have done so far.

That's all I can show my winning post on this occasion and ending my greetings, I say many thanks to all of my friends





Congratulations @syawalkoki your post will receive
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Thank you so much
I so happy

Congrats 🙏🙏🙏🌹

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