Mohammad Mrityunjay Chowdhury, we were waiting for your return.

in Cric-World 🏏8 months ago

Mrityunjay's name, along with Shariful, Rakibul, Hasan Murad, and Abhishek, could have been heavily discussed during the fantastic journey of that Under-19 World Cup in 2020.But the god of fortune turned him away. After playing just two matches at the start of the World Cup, he suffered a shoulder injury. He has to return to his country in the middle of the tournament.
Even though the rest of them were thrust into the spotlight, Mrityunjay found it difficult to return because he had been denied access to it. Under the supervision of the BCB, after a successful surgery in Australia, he went through quite a long rehab process. Batting first, fighting to get fit in slow bowling. Regrettably, he battles with himself to return to the pitch.


Because of BCB's good looks, the regular eyes of the media did not move from him, even for a moment! because he has been repeatedly considered as one of the gems of the pipeline. Even those who try to keep track of Bangladesh cricket were waiting for all-rounder Mrityunjay Chowdhury.
He took an incredible hat-trick in the first match of the BPL Chittagong jersey that day. Not only that, but he has completely turned the match around with his controlled bowling.The way the third wicket was taken in the perfect yorker, it seemed that a hero had come from 22 yards away and blown away the villain standing opposite!

Mohammad Mrityunjay Chowdhury, we were waiting for your return. 🌹❤️ Just start. You have a lot to give.


Raja, Shariful, and Mrityunjay's ball shows that they have tried to emphasize bounce and yorker. Where the Raja failed miserably, Shariful passed and passed the death mark.
It is clear that Shawn-Tait was the one who tried and created them.
My expectation, however, is to go beyond the Tate Effectiveness and see more of the tactical sides. Working with things like swings, cutters. Maybe doing.

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