Raja and Shafiqul could be the next generation pace bowling sensation

in Cric-World 🏏8 months ago

I have been watching Rezaur Raja bowling for 1-1.5 years. I also saw Shafiqul Islam's bowls in the last NCL. The future of both of them is very good in the pace bowling department. But the selectors of BCB should understand which format will be suitable for both of them. Nothing can be understood by watching one match of BPL. But looking at the bowling style, 2/1 things can be guessed.


Rezaur Rahman Raja seems to be an intelligent bowler. He did not allow Fletcher to free his hand and hit. Surprised him a few times, manipulated him by the bouncer, his bowling style does not give the batsman room to play shots. I expect Raja is going to do well in the future in T20.


On the other hand, Shafiqul Islam likes to swing. He made a good start in BPL. He has beaten batsmen like Tamim-Iqbal and Shahzad in the swing. His speed is also good. I think he will be a good prospect for the test. His swing cannot be allowed to lose.

The BCB suddenly called Reza to the Test squad a few days ago, but later dropped him Similarly, Shahidul has been developed as a T20 bowler, who was also called up for the Tests.

If the selectors of the BCB do not understand the approach and psychological issues of the players, then how can the player be used according to the correct potential?

I am not saying that Raja, Shafiqul should be called to the national team now. Let them be more prepared themselves. But where they can be used to get the best output, the BCB should not be mistaken.


Both of them are moving towards a better future but there is a lot to work on line & length. Raja's action is good for bouncer and Shafiqul is good for swing.
The BCB should work well with them.

Our selectors cannot read the talent of a player. They get confused about recognizing talent. I think they don't even know how to develop talent.

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