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Steemit has given all of us a great opportunity to share our ideas while making a good income! But don't try to find easy ways for quick money by stealing other's contents. It will definitely ruin your journey here.



This has become a big problem now more than ever. Steemit team and senior members are trying their best to track these articles and users. And downvotes and plagging will be done without tolerating this further. Because it’s totally fraud and a punishable offence.

In the World of Cricket Community admins and moderators will be more strict from now on. We always love to see original and quality posts.

If we find any plagiarized content, the user will be banned from the community without further warning!!

What can you do to avoid plagiarism?

  • Use your own ideas and words as much as possible

  • Quote and paraphrase – You can use quotation marks if copy information, or can use your own words to explain those. But it’s always better to mention the source also.

  • Citation – Usually we need some details or images from other sources to make our articles, contents more informative and interesting. So, it’s okay to use them. But we should give them credit. For that proper citation need to be done. It means we can add the link directly to that source. If you are using different sources add them separately, but make sure, to be honest, and correct. It’s more professional and no one is getting hurt.

  • Always try to use copyright-free images - Here is a simple guide for you for that. How to get copyright-free images of Cricket sports? by @tarpan

Be a content creator!

Thank you.
Best Regards!



Nice blog about PLAGIARISM we will try to be extremely genuine..

Hello @damithudaya @tarpan

This is a wonderful community for Cricket and since my childhood Cricket has been always my favorite sport and my passion as well.

Today when I come to know about this community I joined it instantly without delay a second.

But before posting anything, I want to know that how to be a verified member of this community?

If you could share details I will be happy to verify myself so that I can contribute my best.

There are also many friends of mine who are on steemit and they also play cricket since a long time. So, I will also invite them to this community.

Hope you give me an opportunity to be a part of your esteemed group.

Wish you all the best and soon Cric-World will go to the moon.

 last year 

You just have to post real content.

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