Happy Birthday, The Silent Killer Mahmudullah Riyad

in Cric-World 🏏8 months ago

One of those who carried Bangladesh cricket on their shoulders was Bangladeshi cricketer Mahmudullah Riyad.He has played the role of winning, sometimes with the bat, sometimes with the ball, when the team needs it. However, he always remains behind the scenes. Maybe he likes to stay behind the scenes. He has batted everywhere—top order, middle order, or finisher whenever the team is in need.



Whether it was the first century for the Bangladeshis on the World Cup stage or the back-to-back century for the Bangladeshis in the World Cup or the historic victory against the Kiwis at the edge of the hole in Cardiff all came from the bat of the Silent Killer. However, I will not talk about all this one day, today I will talk about an epic innings of 3 balls. Which made the great "Lee" to astonished.

Twelve runs were needed to win the undeclared semifinals of the Nidahas Trophy. Bowler Fizz and Silent Killer were on the field at the time. Isuru Udana's two balls were also valid due to the umpire's favor despite of two consecutive bounces to Fitz. Riyadh gets strike when Fitz runs out in the 2nd ball. Defendant Capt. Shakib was seen coming from the dressing room. That's a lot. Problem solved. Rubel is at the other end of Riyadh. That's Udana with the ball in hand.

Four balls in hand, 12 runs needed to win. He hit the first ball over mid-off and got four runs. Two quick runs with Rubel in the next ball. 2 balls to get 6 runs. The next ball, the 5th ball of the over, surprised Great "Lee" as the ball bounced off the boundary. The Australian and Lankan commentators were deafeningly silent. Atahar Ali Khan is sending only his voice. Everyone who has been doing snake dance in the gallery and on the field for so long is biting their nails. On the soil of Sri-Lanka, the red-green carriers are giving a serpent dance by making Sri Lanka the spectator.

Today is Riyad's birthday. He was flying with happiness after playing that epic innings. Happy Birthday, The Silent Killer. In this way, innumerable greats are made to fly like themselves. Many many good wishes.

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