Nonsenseness of Mushfiqur Rahim!

in Cric-World 🏏8 months ago

What do you expect from a reliable batsman in a situation like this, where he needs 18 runs from seven balls and has one wicket in hand, where non-strike batsman Kamrul Islam Rabbi and leg spinner Lintot is more likely to bowl in the next over?
Should he go on strike for the next over with a single and try to win the match with the advantage of a spin bowler, or should he try to reduce the gap between the run and the ball by playing a big shot? Shouldn't that be the case?



But our Mr. Dependable suddenly got out after playing a scoop shot, He had never tried this shot in this match and he played this scoop shot. After losing an easy match against the West Indies in the World Cup!

Is it a matter of learning from mistakes until the press conference? Because I don't see many reflections of this on the field, I am not saying that Mushfiqur could have easily won this match if he had gone on strike, but in the end, Mushfiqur's mess has been going on for a long time! Will Bangladeshi batsmen never be able to win such a match?


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I do not like it when batsman get out playing that shot. They look stupid when they do this.

Yes, and he regularly continues this and failed in the crucial moment

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