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RE: Culinary Encounters Pt. 1

in #insect3 years ago

It's great to have you back with new post on Steem platform, @jhimmel and I'm glad to see @dhimmel did not miss on your latest story as he seems not to be as active here on Steem as before.
I have featured your post in my entry to week 47 of Pay It Forward curation contest:


Silent in terms of posts perhaps, but active in terms of @steemmonsters blockchain transactions. I think @trang is currently working on a new release and hopefully we'll get a @monstertalk out soon.

@Zorank your support is unwavering and I truly appreciate it. I know @dhimmel's mild inactivity is with reason - only time will prove what that reason may be!

Haha. Thanks @zorank for the encouragement to stay active. I've just released a rather unique performance that took over six months to create! It's titled 75 messages with Uber's outrageously obstructive customer service.

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