[ENG] Introducing @jswit witness project

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Hello, this is @joviansummer, developer of @jsup curation service. I've been running a witness node(witness account: @jswit) for about a month now, and I'd like to introduce this project to you all.

This project was born as I was thinking about a way to automatically send out reward by upvoting the steemians who approve my witness account or set my witness account as voting proxy.

A witness node has its own basic duty, that is maintaining STEEM blockchain and feed/update STEEM price. Upvoting is a kind of bonus reward for my supporters.

If you approve witness @jswit, @jswit will give upvote to your new post once a day. Timezone is GMT+9.

Vote weight is calculated automatically and is proportional to your own STEEM POWER(SP). Not that you must own at least 20SP(subject to change with prior notice) to be eligible for upvoting.

Also, vote weight is proportional to @jswit's SP. Witness node receives SP as block production reward. As SP of @jswit accumulates, upvoting reward will increase.

Speed of SP accumulation is determined by witness ranking. Higher the rank, faster the SP accumulation.

Currenty(Oct. 7, 2021), @jswit's SP is about 550. 100SP was delegated from the developer account(@joviansummer), and the rest is accumulated as block production & curation reward.

Not much right now, but in long-term, I expect this project will give you a nice bonus upvote everyday.

@jswit witness project is based on @jsup curation service code, and everything is automated. If you're interested in delegating some of your SP and getting daily upvote, check the following link:


Please vote for @jswit, and let's grow this project together by speeding up SP accumulation!

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment to any post of @jswit or @joviansummer. Thanks for reading, and let's do steemit!

Witness Voting (please vote @jswit)



I joined Steam yesterday.
I will work hard. I hope to help you too.
It operates online sales, and has a steam blog related to the squid game,
Japanese business information is being uploaded.
Please follow and vote. thank you.!

jswit's upvoting is fully automated, and only those who voted for jswit(witness) is eligible. vote weight is proportional to jswit's SP and your own SP. thank you.

자동 보팅 하는법 저도 배워야 되겠습니다. 제 포스팅도 한번만 봐주세요.
좋은 정보 마구 올리고 있습니다.

I vote @jswit. You not upvote to me new post once a day.

you must own at least 20SP, as described in this post.

when you own more than 20SP, upvoting will be automatically executed. thank you.

Do you have any advice for me on how to get enough 20sp for you?

Nuestro Proxy se ha unido al proyecto de @jswit, Juntos y unidos somos más, desde aquí hasta el infinito de los infinitos

thank you so much!

좋아... 나는 당신의 추종자 중 하나입니다, 나를 따르십시오

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