Fight Entitlement and Develop Gratitude in Your Kids

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The difference between having an attitude of appreciation and having an attitude of entitlement can often be difficult to spot, but it is one that has significant repercussions. Changing the way that you pay attention to different situations is the key to successfully fostering thankfulness.

The opposite of appreciation is an entitlement mentality, which makes you feel entitled to things and closes your heart. When you practice gratitude, you make it easier for yourself to both give and accept love. If you are experiencing feelings of being overloaded or unappreciated, you might benefit from shifting your focus to being grateful.


The objective of the study was to identify the positive aspects of the traumatic event that the participants had been through and to elicit from them a list of their thoughts of thankfulness. They came to the conclusion that those people who felt gratitude had a higher sense of closure, less memories that were bothersome, and lower levels of anger. Participants were never instructed to forget about the traumatic event, but they were also never told to discard it as unimportant. As a direct consequence of this, they had a more positive outlook on life and less unhappy memories.

Gratitude refers to an appreciation and thankfulness for the many gifts that one has in their life. The circumstances of your life have no influence on the matter. On the contrary, it is a state of mind. When you have an attitude of gratitude toward the things in your life, you will discover that you have a better level of contentment with those things than you would if you had an entitlement mentality. And I think that's why you have such a deep sense of gratitude: because of this. This is the most advantageous mental attitude to take.

Teaching your child to be grateful is the single most effective thing you can do to improve their overall health and happiness. It is essential to keep in mind that cultivating an attitude of gratitude does not need any effort on your part. Gratitude is a discipline that can help one attain this state of being. In addition, the quality of the work that you contribute is more important than the amount of money that you donate.

You and your children could enjoy participating in some imaginative role-playing activities. If you want your children to participate with you in significant volunteer work for the community, you should make sure they are aware of the privileges they have received despite not having earned them.

There is a clear distinction to be made between feelings of thankfulness and those of entitlement. Even while it may be more challenging to accomplish, gratitude can be more rewarding in the long run. The key to cultivating a mindset of thanksgiving is to first cultivate an attitude of appreciation for the benefits in your life. A grateful person will be appreciative of all the nice things that occur in their life, regardless of whether or not they have a lovely family. If you express your thanks, you will develop an attitude that is more appreciative and less entitled to receiving presents.


Having a grateful mindset is the best way to approach the act of offering thanks. If you are thankful for your blessings, you will experience greater happiness and have more energy to devote to meeting the requirements of other people. If you believe that you are qualified to receive a certain benefit, however, you will be disappointed. This way of thinking could start to make you uncomfortable, and it might even make you want more. Therefore, it is important to go through life with an attitude of gratitude.

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