Step-by-Step guide to create ONTO Wallet (Ontology Wallet for mining WING, ONT Defi Token)

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Hello Black Cows,

Here's a step-by-step guide to create ONTO wallet.

ONTO wallet is a mobile wallet for Ontology,
and you should use it to mine WING,
the Defi token of ONT.

First, download ONTO wallet from Play Store or Appstore.
You can also download it from, the homepage.

Turn on ONTO wallet and you'll see a screen as below.
Swipe it to left-side and press an arrow.
Then you will find where you can input ID/PW

Press 'Create Wallet'.

ID (Wallet Name) should be more than 1 character
PW should be more than 8 characters

Like the notice in RED, you can't recover the ID/PW.
Please save it somewhere safe.
You can also use Mnemonic words later.

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Press 'Confirm' then you will see a pop-up to connect the wallet to your mobile number or email.
You can do it now or skip it by pressing 'Later'

After that, you can back-up your wallet with Mnemonic words.
Press 'Back up now'.

Memorize and write the words in sequence.
Press the arrow on the bottom.

On the next screen, press the words in the order you saw in the previous screen.
Press the bottom arrow again.

Press 'Assets' then ONT.

Press 'Receive'.

Now you can find your own ONT address!

Please use my Referral code WQXT6JQF3ZU83

WING to the MOON!

For more information with images, please visit

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