3rd EXCLUSIVE STEEMIT OPEN MUSIC CONTEST - "Volar" (Original composition on guitar) by @davidsuarezms

in #openmusic3 years ago
This is my entry for the 3rd Exclusive Steemit Open Music Contest, I hope you like this piece I composed for the contest, enjoy it, a hug and good vibes to everyone in this week, full of music.

Esta es mi entrada para el tercer concurso exclusivo de música abierta, espero les guste esta pieza que compuse para el concurso, disfrútenla, un abrazo y buenas vibras a todos en esta semana, llena de música.

Thanks to @senzenfrenz, for giving us this opportunity, to continue sharing music among all!!!


Wooaw, such an amazing tunes you got in there and in fact i must say you look more original on guitar. I love the various chords you played and the song is cool. I know you will make it out in th contest with flying colours.

I really enjoyed every second in your video and i hope to see more of you on the blockchain. Keep up the good works.

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Thank you very much for the support and information, I have helped a lot, I want to be part of new tribes, and Neoxian is very promising, I'm very happy that you liked the musical content I've expressed here, is a huge lake to read your words, and I am filled with happiness, a big hug and continue flowing good music and art.

You are welcome and you are free to be a member of this wonderful tribe. It has a discord server though and if you like i could get you an invite to know everything that happens. Just never forget to use the tag neoxian on all posts of yours

Hi davidsuarezms,

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Pleasure, friends. Thank you very much.

Totalmente hermoso... Tocas de una manera alucinante y tengo esperanzas de que seguirás tocando hasta obtener el premio no? Veo mucho futuro en ti♡ Gracias por compartir tu video y suerte!

Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras señorita, un placer que te haya gustado mi interpretación, estaré subiendo por supuesto mas contenido con todo el amor y pasión del mundo, un fuerte abrazo, saludos!!!

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Hola David.
Me encanta tu guitarra y lo que logras con ella.
El estilo me encanta, no lo he practicado nunca pero es genial.
Tu y tu guitarra se funden en uno solo.
Felicidades por un voto Curie.
Quedate Genial!

Hello David.
I love your guitar and what you achieve with it.
I love the style, I have never practiced it but it is great.
You and your guitar merge into one.
Congratulations on a Curie vote.
Stay great!

Que felicidad que te haya gustado <3, un placer compartir buena musica, agradecido por todo el apoyo!!

In addition to taking spectacular photos, you are also a musician. Wonderful!! And I guess your mom is a "Divino Niño" believer. You have the same name of a great friend of mine who was, in my opinion, the best screenwriter in Venezuela. I hope your musical work wins. Best regards from Cumana @davidsuarezms

I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation, I am very happy with your words, a huge lake, I hope to continue improving much more to continue sharing art in the best possible way. An honor to carry the name of great people influential in music, thank you very much for your comment, greetings also from cumana <3!

ehy dear @davidsuarezms, this is a masterpiece! I love it! your hands "fly" on the strings and on the guitar like the wind !! congratulations! Keep on :-))

Thank you very much, your words make me very happy and help me to continue making good music, an enormous pleasure that you have liked my interpretation.

my pleasure! thank you for sharing


Tu excelente publicación da muestra del esfuerzo y dedicación que pones en lo que haces, por eso ha sido seleccionada por el equipo de curación de @sinergica.

Curamos la etiqueta #spanish con el token SPACO de la Comunidad de Hispano Hablantes, te invitamos a formar parte de nuestra comunidad.

Hi David, I think your music is just beautiful. I am enchanted. I would so very much love to see you enter the @sonicgroovelive contest. I think you’d do quite well! If you have any questions please let me know!


Congratulations @davidsuarezms, your post has been featured in the latest Curie Author Showcase.
On behalf of @curie I thank you for your time and for creating amazing content. Keep up the good work!
Ivan (@curie curator)

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