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RE: People vacation over the holidays, but the monsters don't vacate

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Hahaha that struggle is real :D Btw, the photo is exactly the kind of stuff every digital nomad have in their photo portfolios :D Enjoy your workation guys :)


Haha, are you a digital nomad? I've recently found the website for advice on how to minimize expenses and maximize liberty while engaged in travel.

Yeah, been living like a digital nomad for a couple of years already. Minimizing expenses is definitely an important part of this lifestyle, especially when you rely on your Steem income heavily haha :D There are many places in the world that digital nomads tend to prefer, such as Latin America and SE Asia. To me, digital nomadism is also closely related to minimalism as I have been pretty much living just out of my little backpack. Very liberating lifestyle but it has its downsides too of course and it´s not for everyone. Are you thinking about becoming a digital nomad?

Currently, I've got a base of operations in Philadelphia that is far from minimalist. But when I travel I tend to prefer a more nomadic style of pure ultralight minimalism and frugality.

I think I would need a job where I could work remotely to go full nomad. Could be a fun experience but probably won't happen anytime soon.

Yeah, digital nomadism is about working remotely. You can always try to find a job in the place where you currently are, but having a stable online job is definitely more convenient. Ultralight minimalism while traveling is a very good start though :)

There used to be quite a lot of Steemians who made their living through blogging about their travels but with the current prices, I am probably one of the last ones who still refuse to throw in the towel.

Another option (for you) might be to save some money and then live off it for a few months somewhere in Thailand or Indonesia (where you can reduce your expenses to some 200 or 300 bucks per month) to see what it is like.

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