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RE: The genius of @begonethot: Sneaking away my life in a 22-mana target practice battle

in #splinterlands3 years ago

you missed one more important detail in that line up, wether you sneak, snipe or magic it hits the lord :) thanks for feature :D


So the only way to target anything but Lord A would be Melee blast, with Electric Eels or Exploding Dwarf, or Opportunity, with the Harpy.
Shame Eels and Dwarf can't be on the same team, or you could punch through that way.

Great points, but Water and Dragons summoners were not part of the ruleset. Playing Fire with Exploding Dwarf in front could perhaps beat @begonethot's team. Although, it'd probably be more risky if the opponent played any other team.

Ah great point. The team is much more versatile than I originally thought. I'll cross out the sections in the post that are incorrect given this nuance and add a little explanation. I am very impressed with the team. Can't wait to try out Lord Arianthus as the stag snipeable monster in this format.

I edited the post to add:

see @begonethot's comment on how the trailing Lord Arianthus is guaranteed to soak up most of the ranged/magic attack making the risk to Angel of Light less.

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