SUN token early distribution and will be listed on Kucoin!

in #trx-sun3 years ago

SUN token is a Decentralized Finance token of Tron (TRX)
and the genesis mining has started from Sep 2nd for two weeks.

The distribution was from Sep 17th but Justin Sun, the creator of TRX,
tweeted SUN will be distributed earlier!

Following that, Kucoin noticed the listing of SUN!

Yet, detail information of listing date and how is not revealed,
but it's quite thrilling to feel Justin's willingness to activate SUN.

Continuing that, Justin Sun also tweeted SUN will be distributed
and available for withdrawal daily.

Personal view is, SUN might be listed on Binance, Huobi and so on
after distributed on Kucoin.

To The SUN!

For more information with pictures, please visit

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